Pros / It has decent sound quality for the price.

Cons / It doesn’t have a built-in monitor.

 Verdict / The speaker sits on the floor and has trouble projecting sound in a medium to large room.

The Memorex SingStand 2 karaoke machine offers sleek style and portability along with the ability to enjoy songs from most external music sources via the universal line-in. Multiple inputs allow you to plug in a second microphone, a guitar or a keyboard to enhance your fun, while the built-in speakers and voice enhancement options boost your performance.

Singing along with your favorite songs is easy with the Memorex SingStand 2, as its included cords let you connect most devices to it. However, unlike the Electrohome EAKAR300, it does not have an included CD reader, so you are limited to external media sources only. It is designed to let you read lyrics off of your tablet, smartphone or MP3 player, as the attached cradle conveniently lets you set your device securely near eye-level, keeping your hands free to hold the microphone.

The audio control panel at the base of the stand lets you adjust a few things, such as your volume, and add performance effects to your voice, such as an echo effect. Auto voice controls help you find the ideal balance between your voice and the song so that you can be heard clearly. Then it fades out the preloaded vocals when you sing or integrates them back in when you aren’t singing, keeping the karaoke fun flowing.

This machine also acts as a speaker system, should you want to simply listen to music from either an external device or a guitar or keyboard connected to the player through an input. Additionally, you can have up to two microphones plugged in at a time, making it convenient to sing a solo or a duet or play along with an instrument. The included cord management clip helps organize cords and keep them out of your way.

The Memorex SingStand 2 has a lightweight frame, weighing in at roughly 9 pounds. The telescopic stand adjusts up to 59 inches tall, and the base diameter is 12 inches across, so it is a reasonable size for storage and transportation. An included 90-day limited warranty gives you peace of mind as you enjoy the machine or transport it around to share the fun with friends.

This karaoke machine’s microphone-stand design makes it functional and unique. While it’s not as small and unassuming as the Magic Sing ET23KH, it is portable and creates a focal point for your karaoke party. The ports can accommodate several singers, or you can choose to plug in a guitar or keyboard. The Memorex SingStand 2 is a fun and versatile unit for any karaoke party.

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