The Blackbox Guard Platinum dual dash cams give you high-definition video capture so you can record what’s happening ahead of as well as behind your car. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you use the accompanying app to manage footage and settings. In addition, G-sensor technology helps you collect evidence if the vehicle is ever in an accident.

You can record in high-definition quality while driving. The main front dash cam records at 1280 x 720p HD at 30 frames per second, and the rear cam records at 640 x 480p at 30 frames per second. Additionally, both lenses have a 120-degree viewing angle, so you capture everything important that's going on in your car's vicinity.

Be aware that there is no built-in LCD screen, similar to the BlackVue dash cam, which is a common feature on most other dash cams. If you want to view media playback, you first have to download Blackbox Guard’s free mobile app either on your smartphone or tablet. However, once you download the app, it is easy to view and stream footage as well as change settings on the dash cam. Videos save into AVI format.

Included with the device is a 16GB SD card. You can keep marked videos stored directly on the device, or you can manage or delete them via the manufacturer’s app. You can also view real-time playback through the app on a smartphone or tablet.

The Platinum model includes G-sensor technology like the Magellan dash cam that can tell when and if your vehicle has been impacted. It will automatically trigger the dash camera to mark the event as well as about 10 seconds before to about 10 seconds after the impact, so you have evidence if necessary.

The dash cam features Wi-Fi connectivity for iPhone and Android phones, as well as for the built-in GPS for the car. It has a satellite-based GPS system integrated with Google Maps, which can increase the accuracy of your navigation. You can track routes you’ve previously traveled and even see the speeds you travelled. This information can be helpful in case of an accident.

The device also features an Emergency Notification System, via the smartphone app. It allows a text message to be sent for you from your phone in case you are in an accident. The text will include your license plate information, your name and your tagged GPS location. There is also the option to connect the dash cam directly to your car battery, allowing for continuous recording whether or not you are in the vehicle.

The Blackbox Guard Platinum front and rear dash cam records high-definition video and lets you customize how you want to save, manage and share footage via an app. The built-in emergency notification system sends out a text on your behalf if there is an accident, and G-sensor technology marks and saves footage of any impact, adding safety and needed information in case anything goes wrong on your drive.

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