The Falcon Zero F360 dash cam has two cameras that will capture critical driving moments in full HD, whether it’s a car accident or a casual Sunday drive. It also supplies you with two ways to record your footage and multiple ways to view playback. It will also record at night and in low-light situations.

This dash camera captures videos and photos in 720p or 1080p HD. It has a wide 120-degree viewing angle, and the camera can be rotated 180-degrees, so you can find the optimal angle and ensure everything important gets recorded. Any settings changes you want to make for photos can be done directly on the device. You can also record audio.

The F360 doubles as a rear-view mirror and dash cam, similarly to the Papago dash cam, and it clips on over your car’s existing stock rear-view mirror. The 3.5-inch display is set in to the larger mirror. The dash cam technically has two cameras and a split-screen feature. For example, you can face one camera forward and the other backward, and both feeds will show up on your screen so you can view both at once.

Dual recording options gives you the choice to record either through continuous loop recording on the device or directly on to an SD card. Loop recording means you will never run out of space since it automatically records over old, unwanted footage. You can choose to use the loop recording feature in three-, five- or ten-minute clips. SD cards make it easier to export footage, if needed. A 16GB class 10 SD card is included with the camera. No matter which method of recording you choose, you can mark and lock footage you want to save so it can’t be recorded over.

The dash camera starts recording as soon as you start your car, and lets you toggle between regular and night vision so you can record at night or in low-light environments. This makes it easier to capture small or important details which are difficult to see in the dark.
The dash cam comes with a 10-foot cord, making it easy to place the camera where it can be discreet. It also features a HDMI Mini 1.3 output, giving you the option to view your footage on a larger screen.

The Falcon Zero F360 dash cam features dual cameras, much like the BlackVue dash cam. It gives you a wide viewing angle and has a split screen feature so you can see footage from both cameras at once. You also get to choose how to record your footage and where you want to watch playback. The night-vision toggle ensures you can record in any situation, and the included long cord helps make the camera discreet.

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