Editor's Note: The Papago GoSafe 260 has been discontinued by the manufacturer but they continue to sell numerous other dash cam models. We will consider reviewing them for our next round of product updates.

The Papago GoSafe 260 dash cam records in full HD, and clips on over your car’s standard rear-view mirror like the Falcon Zero F360. A wide capture angle means you get all important details, and loop recording means you’ll never run out of storage space. There are also multiple extra safety features that can help make your driving experience safer and easier.

The dash camera records at 30 frames per second in 1080p HD, and you can toggle between that resolution and 720p as desired. Its 130-degree viewing angle captures more than most dash cams, like the Garmin, which has a 120-degree field of view. You can view recorded footage on the 2.7-inch display and use the zoom buttons on the device to zoom in or out to capture the best image. Wide dynamic range automatically adjusts exposure values so you get the right quality picture.

You can take advantage of the device’s loop recording, which automatically records over old unmarked footage so you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage or missing out on capturing something important.

The GoSafe 260 starts recording automatically when the engine is on. Its G-sensor technology, which will record footage any time it senses motion, marks, saves and backs up the camera's footage in case of an impact. Additionally, you can set up its motion detection mode to capture a snapshot every second you are not in the car so you can know what happened even if you’re away from your car.

Since the device clips on over your existing rear-view mirror, it acts as both your rear-view mirror and the dash cam. The display is directly within the frame of the mirror, which you can toggle on or off while driving. The enlarged mirror also dims automatically if vehicles behind you have bright lights. You can easily review any of your recorded videos on an HDTV with the compatible HDMI output.

The Papago also has safety features beyond what other dash cams offer. There's a Driver Fatigue Alert, which allows you to set up a reminder to rest after driving for a while, and the Stop & Go Alert, which will beep if you’ve remained stopped for 10 seconds after the car ahead of you has moved. It also has a headlight reminder that will alert you to turn on your car’s headlights as lighting circumstances change.

The Papago GoSafe 260 dash cam makes it easy to record, save and view footage of your vehicle's surroundings. The device clips over your car’s rear-view mirror, replacing and putting the adjustable display directly on the mirror. G-sensor and motion detection add extra security, and the extra safety features help keep you safe while you drive.

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