The Thinkware X500 dash cam features a quality sensor giving you full HD footage with multiple image correction options. Fail-safe recording backs up a copy of your videos to the internal flash drive, even footage that's captured when the automatic motion detectors are triggered. There are multiple GPS and safety alert features, as well.

The dash cam features a Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor, which provides you with clear 1920 x 1080p full HD video recorded at 30 frames per second. Its 140-degree viewing angle captures cars ahead of you, oncoming traffic and even detail from slightly along the sides of you. It also records audio, if desired. The high-quality camera lets you capture important or small details, even license plates, which could come in handy if there is a car accident or you encounter a dangerous driver.

Multiple image correction technologies allow the camera to adjust to different driving environments, so you get the best quality video possible. Wide Dynamic Range and Smart Automatic Exposure correct the exposure for excessively bright or dark environments. Thinkware’s Super Night Vision technology adjusts for brightness and reduces noise when you are driving at night or in low-light situations.

With Thinkware’s Dual Save Technology, the camera saves a backup of your videos in the internal flash memory, so even if the microSD card is damaged, you'll still have a copy of the footage. You can review any of your footage or driving routes directly on the 2.7-inch LCD screen or with the system’s PC viewer.

The dash cam also features a powerful Ambarella A7 processor, which has the power to capture high-quality footage and support the camera's additional features. Additionally, the slim build of the dash camera keeps it discreet, while the sleek modern style makes it appealing rather than clunky. It also has a streamlined physical design, with small buttons and a small lens.

The G-Sensor triple axis accelerometer, similar to ones used in Garmin and BlackVue, senses changes in speed or rotation, meaning that if your car is in an accident, it will measure the impact and axial movement. Its motion detection feature notices nearby objects and automatically records motion, even if you aren't in the car.

This device has other features that make the device well-rounded. Its built-in GPS antenna can imbed your location and speed information in the dash cam's recording. This gives you a lot of data for evidence if there is a car accident or if someone else ever uses your car.

It also features multiple kinds of safety warning systems, including one for red lights, speed cameras, speed limits and mobile zones. These keep you informed so you can drive smarter and safer. You can also set up visual or voice notifications to let you know if you are entering a different speed zone or nearing a red light camera intersection.

Thinkware’s X500 dash cam provides high-quality video capture, a powerful processor and sensor, a wide viewing angle, multiple image correction options, an on-device viewing and playback and a stylish yet discreet design. Plus, anything captured is backed up instantly, which keeps it safe even if your microSD card is damaged.

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