The dCables High-Speed HDMI Cable offers support for all the advanced audio and color features you expect from the HDMI standard. This cable is also very cost-effective, giving you decent build quality at an affordable price.

This cable meets the compliance standards for High-Speed HDMI Cables. With any HDMI cable, including those from dCables, the benchmark for bandwidth is at least 10.2 Gbps. Anything less than that and the cable has to be marked as just Standard. The dCables High-Speed HDMI Cable can handle 1080p, 3D and 4K video signals.

The cable also includes Ethernet, which provides an internet connection. Ethernet does not alter the audiovisual components of the cable; it simply eliminates the need for an additional cable. The Ethernet component also offers a better internet signal than most Wi-Fi connections, which can be advantageous for streaming movies and maintaining the connection during a video Skype call. An HDMI cable with Ethernet only works with devices that support the technology. Few devices are equipped to use it at the time of writing, but with all the cables with Ethernet on the market today, we believe that many devices will support HDMI cable with Ethernet in the near future.

This dCables model is RoHS compliant, which means it does not contain hazardous substances that would be harmful to use within a household or to place in a landfill. In addition, the cable is HDCP certified, so it contains the protocol needed to prevent unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials.

The internal, data-carrying conductors are made of oxygen-free copper to improve conductivity. The cable is triple-shielded to prevent data loss and interference from electromagnetic or radio frequencies. Its gold-plated terminals effectively resist corrosion and offer extended component life. However, the cabled isn't braided, and you can't get very long versions of the cable. If you do happen to need a longer cable, try the AudioQuest Pearl.

Despite some hang-ups regarding the cable lengths it provides, the dCables High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is a good, cost-effective cable. It supports 3D and advanced color spaces in addition to its advanced audio features. We also like that the company keeps its prices much lower than other top-rated brands, such as Monster's 1000HD line. dCables offers a great cable, and it is future-proofed for technologies on the horizon.

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