Pros / This HDMI switcher has an external infrared sensor.

Cons / It doesn't come with a manufacturer warranty.

 Verdict / The C&E CNE62792 is a basic HDMI switcher that can handle 1080p content.

With the C&E CNE62792 HDMI switcher, you get three more HDMI ports that connect directly to your TV. The HDMI switcher automatically detects which source is turned on and switches to that DVD player, Blu-ray player or video game console. This C&E HDMI switcher is easy to use and comes with a remote and its own power source. However, the customer service options are not as comprehensive as those of some similar products. Notably, this product doesn't come with any manufacturer warranty.

This switch's port LEDs are on the top of the device. That's not ideal, because it can be difficult to see which ports are active when you're sitting on your couch. You also don't get any sort of signal equalization with this HDMI switcher, which means that you should stick with only short HDMI cables. This ensures you won't get any signal degradation.

The C&E CNE62792 HDMI splitter is compatible with Dolby Digital surround sound formats. Whether you are using the older formats, such as DTS, or a newer format like the Dolby TrueHD, this HDMI switch box is compatible. The HDMI switch supports 3D video and settings as well as 1080p content.

This HDMI switch box has an external infrared (IR) receiver that plugs into the box so that you can use the remote. The cable for the receiver is several feet long. This allows you to hide the HDMI switch and all of the cables that are plugged into it. You only need to leave the IR sensor in plain view so that the remote can communicate with it.

Most HDMI switch manufacturers offer at least a one-year warranty. C&E doesn't offer any warranty at all with the CNE62792, which doesn't exactly engender confidence in the product. If you have trouble with your HDMI switcher, you can contact C&E's support team through email or phone. You won't find a live chat option or any FAQs on its website.

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The C&E CNE62792 HDMI switcher is easy to use and gives you three additional HDMI ports. The switcher automatically detects when you turn on a device, and the remote is almost not necessary. However, the customer service options are limited, and the complete lack of a manufacturer warranty is disappointing.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Switching Capabilities

Number of Ports
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Weight (oz)
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HDMI 1.3b
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HDCP 1.0
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