Pros / The AAXA P6 features a full suite of connectivity options for business and home.

Cons / Its image quality is steady but not spectacular.

 Verdict / While it’s a step behind the top competitors, the AAXA is still an excellent value for users with basic projection needs.

The AAXA P6 features a strong mix of business-friendly features and home-user design elements that make it a multifaceted mini projector. Externally, the projector sports dimensions of 4.8 x 5 x 1.7 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. The P6’s build quality falls in line with typical LED-based projectors, and in our testing we found it to be a well-built and highly portable model.

The mini projector features a strong suite of inputs and outputs that appeal to business and home users alike. On the rear, you have choices like mini VGA and HDMI, a USB 2.0 port and a microSD slot. However, it lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. It can also mirror a connected device, such as through mini HDMI. The P6 also comes with a compact remote that’s helpful when using the projector as part of a home theater system or in meetings.

During our testing, we found the P6 to be a mini projector with steady performance, though it is occasionally limited. In both dark environments and daytime ones, the P6’s image wasn’t exceptional, but it was definitely usable with consistent quality. And though its audio quality was far from the best, the unit does have an impressive 2-watt speaker, so its volume can easily fill a room.

The P6’s on-screen brightness was a step behind other comparably priced projectors in our measurements. It boasts 600 lumens, which is better than most others in our comparison, but a few have between 700 and 900, and the Epson EX3260 has 3,300 lumens. Nevertheless, the AAXA PP6 has nice image quality.

With the P6’s battery, you’ll have just 80 minutes of use, which is disappointing. Most battery-powered projectors we reviewed can play anywhere from 90 to 150 minutes. So while the P6 isn’t a great option for movie marathons, it works for shorter events like presentations, sifting through photos or perhaps watching YouTube videos.

AAXA offers a one-year warranty on the P6. There is direct technical support through email and phone, and there is also an informational resource section hosted on the developer’s website.

While the AAXA P6’s audiovisual performance abilities lag behind the top-ranking projectors, it still has a lot to offer both home and business users. With a relatively value-friendly price point, bright high-definition images and decent connectivity options, the AAXA can be a workhorse projector for many users.

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