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Erie Auto Insurance review

Erie proves itself as one of the best auto insurance companies in the country

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Erie is one of the best auto insurance companies in the US thanks to a near-perfect combination of superb customer care, broad features with unique benefits and a personal touch that shows care. The rewards for safe driving also extend that feeling of care from a strong financial insurer.


  • +

    Rate Lock system

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    Diminishing deductible

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    Superb customer care


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    Only in 13 states

Erie Auto Insurance: What you need to know

Erie Insurance won last year's JD Power award for the best auto claims satisfaction in the entire US. Not only is this rated as the best auto insurer, but Erie Auto Insurance also offers some of the best prices on its policies too. 

On top of those benefits, Erie offers lots of options to help everyone find the ideal coverage for their needs. This include classics like accident forgiveness and new-car protection but also rarer treats like pet injury cover, rate lock and diminishing deductibles.

While quotes for this service are available online you will ultimately have to deal with an agent as this is the scale and personal touch that Erie likes to maintain. 

Erie, founded in Pennsylvania in 1925, prides itself on customer service, which means more than just having an agent available to talk to you. This also means that claims are paid efficiently and rates are kept excellent, especially for those who prove themselves as good drivers. 

While there is no mobile app and the website is minimal, you should be able to find everything you need before speaking to an agent to get your quote. But why should you use Erie over the competition? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Erie Auto Insurance. 

Policies: How much does Erie Auto Insurance cost?

  • Minimum coverage: $451
  • Comprehensive cover: £1521
Erie Auto Insurance features

Rate lock: Lock in your rate until you add or remove drivers or vehicles

Diminishing deductible: Reduce deductible by $100 for every year you don't have a claim, up to $500

Pet injury protection: Up to $500 for pet veterinary care follow in car accidents

Pricing for your insurance will vary depending on where you are and what you opt for but also based on factors like your driving history, age, car type and more. As such this is a rough price guide comparing national averages. 

For the state minimum cover Erie is one of the cheapest in the country at just $451 which is very low compared to Allstate at $1,390, Geico at $819 and State Farm at $712.

If you go for full coverage Erie will, on average, charge you $1,521 compared to Allstate's $3,545, Geico's $2,158 and State Farm's $1,737.

Erie Auto Insurance: Rate lock

  • This is a way to help keep your charges fixed
  • Premium will not change unless a few changes are made

The unique offering of rate lock is a feature that Erie has where others do not. This is a way to help keep your charges fixed so that you don't have to pay more or less throughout your cover. 

Rate lock works by making sure the premium is set and will not change unless a few changes are made. These changes include adding or removing drivers to the policy and adding or removing a vehicle to the plan.

Erie Auto Insurance: Pet injury protection

  • Help cover your costs for any pet that is injured while in the car
  • Animals are covered by up to $500 each

One of the few insurers that offer pet cover is Erie. This policy is in place to help cover your costs for any pet that is injured while in the car during an accident.

Animals are covered by up to $500 each to cover veterinary care for pets injured in your vehicle in an accident, and up to $1,000 for multiple pets. A great feature for those that have animals in their vehicles on a regular basis. 

Erie Auto Insurance: Accident forgiveness

  • If you have an accident, Erie won't adjust the rate
  • Require three years without a claim though

Erie won't adjust the rate that you pay on your premium if you suffer an accident. This applies to the first at-fault accident that happens once you've been an Erie customer for three years.

This is a good feature but does require you to last the first three years without a claim.

Erie Auto Insurance: Diminishing deductible

  • Each year without a claim, you can save money
  • You can save up to $100 each year

Erie will reward you if you're a good driver. It does this by giving you the chance to lower your deductible by being a good driver.

Each year that you go without a claim on your policy will mean you can minus a hefty $100 off the price of your deductible. This tops out at the $500 mark but that's still a great reward for doing nothing but staying safe for those years.

Erie Auto Insurance: Transportation expenses

  • Unique to comprehensive coverage
  • covers things like cabs, trains or buses needed

This is a feature that's unique to comprehensive coverage but is useful for those who have been in an accident. If you need to pay for transport while your damaged car is in the shop then this will cover you.

The transportation expenses feature covers things like cabs, trains or buses needed. But it will also cover the cost of a rental car if that's what you decide you need. As long as it's during the period while your car is in the shop, you're free to pick your transportation method of choice. 

Erie Auto Insurance: Property and lockout cover

  • Covers you for things like clothing, luggage and personal belongings
  • The limit of this cover tops out at $350

Damage to the property is a feature that offers cover for your valuables. If your car is stolen or damaged then this will cover you for the loss of things like clothing, luggage and personal belongings. The limit of this cover tops out at $350.

Lockout cover is another feature which helps you, should you accidentally lock your keys in your car. This will cover the charge for a locksmith to get you back into your car. This tops out at a value of $75 so perhaps it won't cover all call out costs but will certainly help take the edge off the worst of it.

Erie Auto Insurance: User Reviews

  • 5 star rating overall from J.D. Power
  • 3 star rating from ConsumerAffairs

(Image credit: JD Power)

Erie is the top of the pile when it comes to user reviews – this is the one to beat on all fronts.

On the 2018 J.D. Power study, Erie got a rare full five stars for both the claims handling process and the insurance shopping study, making it the overall winner for the US auto insurers.

ConsumerAffairs (opens in new tab) typically gives lower ratings so Erie's three and a bit stars isn't too bad since it was from just 158 reviews. Positives were the discounts, low costs and premium quotes while a negative was low tolerance for risk after claims. 

Erie Auto Insurance: Verdict

Erie offers one of the best auto insurance experiences from start to finish. The selection of options are wide with lots of unique benefits, the prices are low and the customer care is second to none.

The downside is that this high quality service isn't available to the entire US but is limited to just 13 states. The lack of mobile app could be seen as a negative but since this is replaced by personal care from an agent this could also be seen as a positive. 

If you can get Erie where you live you'll be hard pressed to find a reason why you'd go elsewhere, unless you have a specific need like modification coverage, for example. 

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