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Endurance is among the few extended car warranty companies to also administer the contracts

Endurance Extended Car Warranty

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With four levels of coverage, average vehicle restrictions and contracts, Endurance isn't a bad option, so much as it is an average option. However, it's among the few services to administer contracts directly.


  • Endurance is the administrator of its contracts


  • The coverage plans aren't as affordable as other services

Most extended car warranty providers simply sell vehicle service contracts administered by third parties. In fact, you may not know the name of the company that pays for your repairs until you pull the contract out of your glovebox to call the claims line to get a repair approved. 

Endurance is among the few companies I reviewed to also administer the contracts. This means if you need a repair or roadside assistance, you deal with Endurance and not some unfamiliar company in the fine print of a contract. For some, direct providers like this are more trusted, making the expensive plans worth the extra cost.

Quoting process

Endurance earned an A grade for its quote process. While I'd like to have seen an instant quote, this service provided quotes on multiple vehicles via email within a few minutes of submitting the quote. In addition, while there were follow-up calls from salespeople, the calls were never excessive. Never did I feel the pressure to buy. Compared to Protect My Car and CarShield, the quote process is as good as you can expect with these services. 

The quotes I received weren't the most expensive, but they were close. On average, the cost per mile covered was $0.05. By comparison, the average cost per mile for every service I reviewed was $0.04 with some costing as low as $0.01 per mile and as high as $0.06 per mile. The average down payment was 5 percent and the maximum pay period was 24. Both are in line with the industry average. Endurance offers payment terms up to 36 months.

Like most services, Endurance has a 30-day refund period, allowing you to cancel the contract if you're unhappy with the service and get a full refund on whatever you've paid. However, while most services also have a 30-day wait period, Endurance's wait period for coverage to take effect is 60 days.

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Coverage options

Endurance has four coverage plans. The Supreme is the most comprehensive plan and the Secure plan is the most affordable. Beyond that, the Select Premier is for high-mileage vehicles and the Superior plan is a comprehensive plan a step down from the Supreme. The Select Premier's mileage restrictions are limited to vehicles with less than 200,000 miles. Only three services cover vehicles with more miles. However, Endurance appears to have the most liberal age limit, as you can get quotes for vehicles up to 60 years old.


The contract's length received a B+ and the readability received a B-. All the contracts are only seven pages long, save for the Select Premier contract at 16 pages. However, the text is very small and the formatting isn't easy to follow compared to most service vehicle contracts. The average words per page is a little over 1,000. So, while the overall page length is short compared to other service contracts, the actual length is about 9,700 words per contract.

The reimbursement policies are mostly average. The maximum daily reimbursement for a rental car is $30 for a total of five days, or $150. This isn't enough to cover the most affordable budget rentals. However, the trip interruption reimbursement is $450. This is the highest reimbursement policy for covering food and hotel rooms if your vehicle breaks down while on a road trip, so long as it's more than 100 miles from your destination.


Endurance doesn't have the most affordable plans or the most readable contracts. The coverage options, vehicle restrictions and reimbursements policies are average, except for the trip interruption. But the quoting process is fast and without sales pressure, and the fact it’s a direct dealer administering its contracts is an attractive feature, as it puts the obligation of good service squarely on itself rather than some other third-party service.

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