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Find the Father for less, with Amazon's DNA and ancestry kit discounts

Find the Father for less, with Amazon's DNA and ancestry kit discounts
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Ancestry and DNA testing is hugely accessible in 2020. Whether you're trying to discover your family heritage, establish parental responsibility, or assess any potential genetic problems, a DNA testing kit is the perfect way to learn more about yourself. Problem is, they can often be quite expensive tests, as each one involves laboratory analysis and more. If you've been waiting to get a DNA test done, now is the time to strike, as Amazon is offering discounts of up to 50% on its range of testing kits from the likes of MyHeritage, 23andMe, and more.

The type of DNA kit you need depends on what you want to discover, so pick carefully and don't spend more than you need to. For family history research, and learning more about your genetic background, something like the MyHeritage Ancestry and Ethnicity kit - now $39 (from $75) is the perfect thing. It'll give you loads of information on your genetic past.

Want to weed out any genetic health issues? This isn't a test you should cheap-out with, so we recommend getting one of the best. The 23andMe Health and Ancestry service is superb, and right now it's 50% less at $99 via Amazon. That's a huge saving on a kit that can help you find genetic problems that may impact you later in life.

DNA test kit deals: save up to 50% on DNA tests at Amazon
Whether you're trying to discover your ancestry, unearth genetic disorders, or you just want to know who the baby-daddy is, the range of test kits on sale via Amazon will get you what you need. And you'll save some money over Black Friday too.

Lastly, you maybe want to know who your baby-daddy is. There are a bunch of paternity tests on Amazon, but few are discounted. The STK test has a $5 coupon right now, which saves you money at checkout. It comes highly rated, and delivers test results in 3-5 days. Importantly, it's highly accurate, so there will be no confusion when it comes to discovering the dad.

Finally, if you've already signed up for, which is one of our best genealogy sites, then you can pick up an AncestryDNA kit for less too. This Ethnicity and Traits kit is 42% off, at $69, and it'll link directly with your Ancestry account, to save you the trouble of moving the data across yourself. Very handy.

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