BePrepared review

BePrepared Emergency Essentials lives up to its name with a variety of emergency food and nutrition options.

BePrepared review
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BePrepared has a selection of foods and food preservation tools that can serve all but those with special dietary needs.


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    Impressive food selection

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    Equipment lets you stock up in one place

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    Water options


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    Limited options for dietary requirements

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As one of the most established companies you'll find among the best food storage companies, BePrepared Emergency Essentials lives up to its name. It stocks food from a number of storage companies and offers kits for pandemics, natural disasters and quarantine supplies. There's also the option to order supplies for one-to-twelve months, with a variety of sizes and food types. 

BePrepared also has water-preparation tools and other emergency equipment, and its website gives you tips on how to keep things under control if disaster strikes. However, it's not great for those who may be gluten intolerant. 

BePrepared review: What’s on offer? 

BePrepared has every base covered in terms of dried food storage. Beyond meats, grains, fruits and vegetables, the company has a great selection of dairy, soups, desserts and beans. Its combo packages are available in different sizes that last from one month to a year. BePrepared is the only food storage service we found that offers a year's supply of MREs (meals ready to eat). MREs are a great option for a quick meal while you're on the go or in a crisis. Each serving size has the calories, vitamins and proteins that you need to be healthy.

This site does not offer free food samples, which are nice if you want to buy a large quantity but want to test things first. You have the option of buying small cans or single pouches first though, of course, and that requires only a small investment.

This food storage service has several options for preserving and storing your own food, including canning equipment and bulk food storage containers. You're not limited to the choice of cartons or cans. You can choose from those options, as well as boxes and super pails if you need an incredibly large amount of beans or wheat, for example.

BePrepared offers plenty of ingredients to create emergency meals.  (Image credit: BePrepared)

BePrepared review: Dietary needs 

BePrepared does not cater to many specific dietary needs, though we did find a handful of search results for "organic" and "lactose free." One surprising omission from the emergency food supply is gluten-free options, which are an important option for people with celiac disease or other health concerns. Even though BePrepared has plenty of clean, basic food choices, there are not gluten-, soy-, or peanut-free options, or even information about how to find them. Wise Company is a food storage service that caters to specialty diets. All of its food is soy- and nut-free, and there is a wide selection of gluten-free foods. There is a good selection of meat substitutes and vegetarian offerings, though, which cannot be said of some of the sites we reviewed.

BePrepared has numerous meat substitutes available.  (Image credit: BePrepared)

BePrepared review: Water

There are plenty of water sanitation items with BePrepared, including water filters and desalination treatment tools. You can also invest in an emergency stove, which can come in handy either for water sanitation or your own cooking needs.

This store also offers drinking water, which is important for basic survival and for cooking in an emergency. Filtering equipment is good to have too, but since you do not know when you will be by a water source it is helpful to have some drinking water on hand just in case.

BePrepared also offers survival and pandemic kits with everything you'll need. (Image credit: BePrepared)

BePrepared review: Website

BePrepared has a great support team. You can stay connected with its representatives on social media sites, read the site blog, or contact the company by phone or email. Its social media pages are a good way to read feedback from other users, since you can post comments or questions on products and articles alongside other customers.

The website also provides preparedness tips and educational articles about building up survival food storage for hard times or just camping trips. The only support feature it lacks is live chat, although its support services are prompt enough to somewhat make up for it.

Should you buy from BePrepared?

BePrepared has an amazing variety of food products and an assortment of preservation and preparation tools. This is a great service that works whether you plan to store food on your own or invest in a family-size supply. The company lacks specialty diet foods, but its other features make up for it admirably well.

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