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Free Label Making Software

Label making software comes in many different forms and focuses. Paid label makers are great for people who regularly need office labels, sticker labels for products or labels for CDs and DVDs. However, if you only need to make the occasional label for home or hobby, free software may be a better option.

Avery Design & Print Online

Avery is one of the biggest names in office, business, personal labels and stationery. Chances are good that you've seen an entire aisle of Avery label sheets at your local office supply store. The best label making software is compatible with or already has templates for Avery's labeling sheets. The only way to make the best label makers better is bypassing the price tag. Avery has free online label making services and a free downloadable program. Avery Design & Print label making software is available for free download or online.

This online label maker only requires you to create an Avery profile with an email address and password. Once you're ready to get started, you can select from a long list of label types. You can create address & shipping, business cards, cards & tags, binders & divider tabs, specialty shapes, name badges, crafts & T-shirt transfers, filing & ID labels, and safety labels.

The label editor in Avery Design & Print is a standard label editor with most of the crucial features. You can edit the text, font, alignment and graphics on any of the premade templates. Or, like in all good label makers, make your own labels from scratch. In addition, you can add images, shapes, QR codes and barcodes, and basic symbols. The Avery image gallery is full of clean, modern images divided into many categories. Unlike other label makers we encountered, you can import photos directly from Facebook or Google Plus into your labels.

Once you're done with the labels, you can print from home or order through Avery if you plan to use them on professional materials. The professional printing option is best for business materials like business cards or labels. If your labels are a work-in-progress, you can save your designs to your computer or Avery account.

Overall, Avery Design & Print Online is slick and easy-to-use program. You can also download a similar label making program for your desktop, great for when you don't have an internet connection.

Papilio Box Making & Label Printing Software

Papilio, a print making company, specializes in inkjet media, sign-making, laminating and die-cut labels. This company also has a free label making program available online. This program downloads quickly and works for operating systems up to Windows 8.

Papilio's label program differs from others in several ways. This is the only label making software we encountered that creates folding boxes, beer bottle labels and displays entire sheets of labels, rather than showing one label. This makes this program great for small businesses, classrooms and personal use.

This program creates regular, rectangular or embellished labels from Papilio. You can print content on circular, rounded rectangles and award shapes.

To begin editing, simply zoom into one of the labels on the sheet. You can apply changes to the whole sheet, several or only one label. Editing in this program is uniform with other programs, except for one standout feature. The text editor is simple, with the exception of the draw path tool. This unique tool allows you to create a path for your text to follow. This allows you to wrap text around backgrounds and images.

Label Joy

If you own a small business, ship products often or sell online, creating your own bar codes can help you better track your inventory. The free label making software Label Joy is designed for creating barcodes primarily. Label Joy is similar to other barcode making software, but it makes other types of labels as well.

Label Joy makes 18 types of barcodes, including QRs for smart phones. You can adjust the width and data on each barcode you make. Label Joy allows you to make entire sheets of barcode stickers or single codes. If you're creating barcodes for packages, you can add backgrounds and solid colors to your barcodes.

One odd quality of this program is the template section. Typically, label templates appear as a list of label types like address or nametags. Label Joy, however, requires you to search for templates rather than view a list. We found CD labels and several other disc templates in this program.

Label Joy has a large library of clip art sorted by topic. While you can add any of the hundreds of preinstalled images, there isn't much design freedom in this program. We had trouble with the text editor and basic image-editing features.

Free label making software is easy to find online and often has similar tools and capabilities to their paid counterparts. While you may miss some paid perks like online communities or image databases, these programs can still help you create stylish labels for any purpose.