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Fresh Flower Delivery in Winter

You might think it s too cold outside to ship fresh flowers. Winter temperatures wreak havoc on cut flowers, right?

Actually, no. It turns out that winter is a great time to ship flowers. The cool temperatures make for a less stressful shipping environment and actually help to keep the flowers looking fresh longer. It makes sense when you think about it. You ve probably noticed that florists keep their stock in the refrigerator. This preserves the flowers after they ve been cut and keeps them from wilting or drying out. In reality, it s the heat of the summer that is the worst time to ship flowers, with nothing to keep them cool in the hot delivery trucks. As long as the temperatures are moderate enough to keep the flowers from freezing en route, they will survive the shipping quite well.

It s important to note that at any time of year, cut flowers will be slightly strained from a long journey. When you take your flowers out of the box, they may look a little haggard. Simply trim away dead petals, clip off the tips of the stems and place your flowers in lukewarm water with flower food; within a few hours they should look as good as new. Don t forget to change the water at least once daily to extend the life of your flowers for as long as possible.

A lot of people use fresh flowers to decorate for the holiday season. Evergreen shrubs, poinsettias, wreaths and holiday-themed arrangements can enhance your holiday d cor and bring a sense of liveliness into the home, even when the garden has gone into hibernation. Not only are fresh flowers a great gift for family and friends who are far away, but they are a great gift for yourself. Coming home at the end of a hard day, as so many of us are doing this time of year, few things are more welcoming than the smell of spruce or the vibrant red leaves of a poinsettia.

Unique Winter Flowers

Some of the same plants that bring us beautiful blossoms in the spring and summer also have a marvelous winter stage. In preparation for next year s blooms, some plants produce brightly-colored berries that hang around all winter. These can make great additions to a seasonal bouquet, or you can buy the entire plant and give it a home in your garden next spring.

If you prefer a more traditional arrangement with roses, lilies and hyacinth, for example, have no fear! Just because these flowers aren t growing outside doesn t mean you can t find them year-round. Florists all over the country are growing flowers in controlled environments, away from the sleet, wind and cold. You can still enjoy the incomparable smells of spring while bundling up by the fireplace.

Many of our favorite online flower delivery sites are offering special holiday and winter arrangements, in addition to non-floral gifts like chocolate and nut assortments, spa gift baskets and other impressive deliverable gifts. Check out the new selections that will be available for New Year s Eve. A nice bottle of champagne and some truffles could be just the thing to warm up your friends and family from the inside out.

Being around the people we love can really help keep us cozy during the cold months, but we can t be everywhere at once. For those people you won t get to see, let them know you re thinking about them with a special floral delivery gift from one of our top-rated online flower delivery sites.