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Get an AncestryDNA test kit for almost half price with this excellent deal

(Image credit: Ancestry)

Leading DNA testing service AncestryDNA is in a generous mood this month, as right now you can buy Ancestry DNA's test kit for only $59 (opens in new tab) instead of the usual $99 – that's almost half price. It's part of AncestryDNA's summer sale, which starts today and will run until August 26, so you'll need to sign up before then. (Based in the UK? There's a 25% discount in the UK until August 14 (opens in new tab), dropping the price to £59.)

Ancestry not only offers you the chance to have your DNA tested to discover your true origins, and where in the world you come from. It also helps you build a comprehensive family tree, through its extensive collection of records, documents and the contributions of other users. 

Ancestry scored very highly in our group test of the best DNA testing kits (opens in new tab), ranking best for genealogy. (You can also read our full AncestryDNA review (opens in new tab) here).

AncestryDNA test kit: $59 (was $99) at Ancestry) (opens in new tab)
Save 40%
- Sign up to AncestryDNA to discover your origins with a DNA test, and you can trace your family history back through the ages. Usually $99, this excellent deal cuts the price by 40% making it very good value indeed. Deal ends: August 26, 2019

When you sign up to AncestryDNA, you can have your DNA tested to trace your genealogical origins, and get a detailed breakdown of where in the world your genes hail from. 

You can also use AncestryDNA to create your own family tree, where Ancestry's rich cache of records will help you fill in any gaps in your family history, even creating timelines for individual ancestors to make them more than just a name on a page. 

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