Pros / The bouquet we ordered arrived full, lush and beautiful.

Cons / The delivery came a day late, and customer service didn’t help us figure out why.

 Verdict / The flowers we ordered arrived beautifully, but our bad experience with customer service moved it to the bottom half of our lineup.

We like to think of ourselves as reasonable people and we know it’s not every day the same florist receives two identical orders for the same person in the same office building. outsources their orders to local florists, but when we didn’t receive the Dozens of Kisses From My Heart bouquet the day we were supposed to, our lab staff contacted immediately the following morning.

We were told the local florist had misplaced the order and we would receive it soon. A few hours later, our lab got an email from stating the bouquet had in fact been delivered and signed for. After several more phone calls and emails with customer service we figured out Teleflora, who we also ordered 12 roses from, contracted with the same local florist. That local florist had, in turn, assumed the two identical orders were a mistake and only delivered one. To make matters worse, did nothing to correct the situation and wouldn't tell us which local flower shop they worked with. We were able to figure out the local shop thanks to the Teleflora order, and the florist immediately realized their mistake and sent over another bouquet. The whole experience was time-consuming and frustrating. While it's worth noting that a normal customer wouldn't have run into the precise roadblocks we did, we have found that when a customer service department proves to be less than helpful in one area of conflict resolution, it tends to speak toward their helpfulness in general.

The bouquet that arrived, however, was beautiful. It was the same bouquet we received through Teleflora because it was the same local florist, but it was so pretty we really didn't mind having two around. It came prearranged with greenery and large, open blooms. Just like the Teleflora bouquet, it lasted six days before wilting completely. This was a midrange vase life compared with other bouquets in our lineup, some of which lasted a full 11 days, like the arrangement from ProFlowers. lets you select varied bouquet sizes. Some arrangements come with stuffed animals, and you can get flowers of any shape and size, including lilies, mums, carnations and daisies. If you don’t know what kind of flowers you should buy, you can choose from themed arrangements for any holiday, including the 4th of July, summer, spring or a birthday. The website itself is easy to navigate, so shopping for the perfect arrangement is quick and fast. Visit Site

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