Pros / There are several upgrades you can select from for each bouquet.

Cons / The flowers are boxed and therefore difficult to open.

 Verdict / The flowers we ordered from FTD arrived healthy and beautiful but had smaller blooms that never fully opened.

FTD flowers has a variety of bouquet options, and the flowers we received were healthy but not as strikingly beautiful compared to some other arrangements. You can customize your FTD flowers by upgrading from the “good” bouquet – the smallest, least expensive option – to “better,” “best,” or “exquisite” versions, which gradually progress to larger and more expensive. We ordered the “good” version, which was the FTD Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet of 12 red roses.

Just like all the flower orders that came in boxes, the bouquet was hard to get out even with scissors and a box cutter, but we realize secure packaging is a necessary evil. Keep in mind, whoever you’re sending flowers to might have to assemble them at their desk. The box didn’t include a vase but contained instructions and plant food, something all prearranged bouquets lacked.

The blooms were smaller compared to other bouquets like the one from Teleflora, but they were in great shape. There was no petal bruising or tearing, and the stems themselves had some thorns but most had been cut off and were dull. We could definitely see enjoying the arrangement either at home or at work. This bouquet included extra greenery and baby’s breath, despite baby’s breath not being pictured or listed on FTD online.

The majority of our testers said this bouquet was worth the cost and that they would recommend the company in the future. Overall appearance scores were also high and smell was mid-range to low, but these flowers were one of the first to wilt. Only about half of the blooms in the bouquet opened all the way over the course of about three days and the entire thing was wilted and unattractive a mere three days after that.

Just like at, you can purchase extra gifts including snacks, chocolates and stuffed animals and include them with your flower order from FTD, something we found really convenient. The FTD website is easy to use, but shipping costs, which vary by state, are difficult to find. Shipping costs alone can run between $10 and $20 depending on how much you’re spending and where you’re ordering from, so keep in mind you’re going to pay more than the sticker price.

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