Pros / We got 24 roses and a vase for the price of what some websites charge for 12.

Cons / The flowers we ordered arrived slightly bruised.

 Verdict / Harry & David has a lot of high-quality flowers to choose from. Their flowers arrived in okay condition and lasted a long time.

We ordered the Two Dozen Red Roses Harry & David bouquet from this flower delivery site, but we received it in a box since the two companies work together. It was hard to get the roses out of the box, but that was the case with every bouquet we had to assemble ourselves. We followed the instructions that were included and cut about an inch off the bottom of the stems before putting them in the striking silver vase that came with the bouquet. Plant food was included, which we added to the water. We noticed there were some thorns, but they were clipped and dull to the touch, so there was no bloodshed.

Our reviewers had varied opinions on the vase, as it really stood out compared to the glass ones that we either used or were included with the other roses. Harry & David has a lot to pick from when it comes to vases and other bouquet details, so you can really personalize the arrangement for whoever you’re sending it to. Then, after the flowers inevitably perish, whoever received the gift will have a nice vase to keep.

Some of the flower petals were bruised, but overall the blooms had a nice deep red color similar to the bouquet from FTD. They took about four days to fully open and had a total lifespan of 11 days, the longest any of the bouquets lasted. Our team of 11 reviewers gave the bouquet a middle-of-the-road score – a C – for appearance and freshness because while they thought the flowers were pretty, nobody had a religious experience just from looking at them. They simply didn’t stand out.

Harry & David’s website offers far more than just flowers including stuffed animals, sweets, food and gift baskets. Much like, Harry & David makes it possible to send someone a gift experience, not just a flower arrangement. Shipping costs for flowers are difficult to find unless you put a bouquet in your cart and enter the information to begin checkout, so keep in mind you’re going to end up paying more than what the sticker price says.

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