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GPS Clothing: You Wear It Where?

For many people, GPS is still just a new gadget for outdoor enthusiasts and the military, but GPS technology is actually becoming integrated into everyday life. There is no better example of this than GPS clothing.

GPS clothing isn t particularly different from the clothes you are wearing now. It simply has a GPS transponder sewn into them. This transponder doesn t necessarily make GPS clothes bulky; they are small enough that they can be concealed almost anywhere. The transponder sends out a signal that can be tracked with standard GPS receiving equipment. It s like a beacon that you wear.

GPS clothing started as a scientific tool for tracking people during everyday life. However, GPS clothing has become popular in commercial clothing because they allow you to keep track of more than just your waypoints. The most popular application of GPS clothing is in extreme sports. Skiers and snowboarders wear GPS clothes in case they are caught in an avalanche; hikers wear GPS clothes in case they get stranded. The GPS clothing makes it possible for other people to find you in almost any situation.

The next evolution in GPS clothing in everyday life has been primarily focused on children. There are now companies who offer GPS clothing so parents can keep track of their small children. GPS clothes for small kids are especially popular in areas where parents are worried about kidnapping.

Believe it or not, GPS clothing has become quite stylish. Many European clothing companies began producing GPS clothing and the trend has become global. The majority of GPS clothing is produced by outdoor and snow sport clothing manufacturers, but they can be found in a lot of stores now.

Owning GPS clothing isn t useful if you don t have a GPS receiver to track it with, though. So take a look at our review of the best GPS receivers on the market.

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