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Veriot Venture Review

Editor's note: Veriot Venture will be discontinuing all service June 30, 2019. Free service is included with the purchase of the device through that date.

Our Verdict

The Veriot Venture is an easy to use, accurate GPS tracker for almost any situation where you need to keep track of the things you own or the people you love.


  • It comes with six months of free service.


  • It’s too bulky to fit in the average pants pocket.
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Editor's note: Veriot Venture will be discontinuing all service June 30, 2019. Free service is included with the purchase of the device through that date.

This tracker was a cinch to set up and yielded incredibly accurate results in our tests. Once you log in online and create your account you can start tracking right away because the device comes with 6 months of free service, one of many reasons it’s our best overall pick. Some trackers like the SPOT Gen 3 cost more and require you pay for a service plan right away. You can monitor up to ten Ventures with a single account, making this perfect for large families or businesses.

This tracker’s packaging was shockingly impressive. Upon opening the box, users are greeted with a small video screen which automatically plays an informational video about the product. A little USB cord is even included so you can recharge the screen if you want. This ultimately didn’t impact how well the tracker worked but it was cool. It comes with a hard case as well you could easily run a string through or use the included carabiner to attach it to a bag or belt loop. It’s not waterproof though, so take it off it it’s going to get any wetter than a splash.

You can follow this tracker on your desktop or via the Veriot Venture app, which is free to download and easy to use. In our tests we had people drive around with the tracker and monitored how long the delay was between where the app said it was and where the car was on the road. The Veriot Venture updated quickly, with only about a 30-second delay as the car moved. You can also set up predetermined boundaries on a map and receive alerts when the GPS unit crosses them, something we could imagine being particularly useful with children. We also took this tracker deep into a mountainous area and discovered it didn’t work at all, but neither did most of the trackers we tested. Many trackers rely on cell phone service or Wi-Fi to work, so you’ll want a tracker from SPOT if you’re going off the grid.

Another thing that makes the Veriot Venture worth the money is its long battery life. It automatically goes to sleep when it isn’t moving, meaning the battery life can last up to five days. We stopped testing after two and it was still going strong. Whoever has the GPS tracker can check in with home simply by pressing a button on the device, which sends their current location to whoever has access to the desktop or app tracking program. If you forget to check in to see where the tracker is you can see up to 90 days of location history, so there’s no need to monitor it every second of the day if you don’t want to.

We set this tracker down in an urban area and measured how close we could get to it simply by using the tracking app. While some trackers like the Brickhouse Spark Nano 6.0 got us closer, we could get within roughly 150 feet of the Venture, which is still useful if you’re tracking a vehicle or person on the move, but perhaps not a purse or small object someone has attempted to hide. At 3.1 ounces it’s not the lightest or smallest tracker we tested, but it’s small enough to store away in a bag, car or child’s backpack. It’s accuracy, affordability and easy to use interface make this GPS tracker our best overall pick.

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