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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 10 Review

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra is an effective photo editing software, but the limited number of illustration tools weakens its graphic design capabilities.

Our Verdict

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra is a strong program for editing and enhancing photos, but the lack of illustration tools severely limits its design capabilities.


  • This software has a wide variety of photo editing tools and capabilities.


  • While the photo editing tools are readily accessible and easy to use, it is difficult to create graphics.
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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra is an effective photo editing software, but the limited number of illustration tools weakens its graphic design capabilities. Additionally, the graphic tools aren’t housed together, making it tedious to find the ones you need and increasing the processing time for your project. So even though the interface is well organized, it seems better suited to photo editing than graphic design.


CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra sells for $99.99. This is midrange among the graphic design programs we tested. Before purchasing the program, you can test it using the 30-day free trial.

Illustration Tools

To create the best graphic design, you need a wide variety of illustration tools. PhotoDirector Ultra comes with a selection of brushes. And although they don’t include vectors, you can customize pre-existing brushes. Among the various brushes and tools, the program includes a pen tool. But it doesn’t operate like the standard pen tool; it’s basically a pixel brush that you can use to draw colored pixels on a photo layer. It does not use vectors or anchor points.

The software does not include guides or text-wrapping capabilities. However, when you crop a photo, you can place a grid onto the image to ensure accuracy. There are no tools to ensure your alignment is precise when you’re placing text.

Photo Editing Software

Although CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra lacks several standard illustration tools, it has a wide variety of photo editing tools. If you want a program that offers more illustration tools, check out Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. PhotoDirector has over 600 photo effects, and you can download more from the CyberLink website; the application takes you directly to the page to do so.

You can also change your photo to either black and white or sepia, or you can add a tint, blur or grain to your images. In addition, the program can merge several photos into a panorama or HDR image.

With batch processing, you can apply the same edits to multiple photos at once. The software can correct the lighting in your photos, remove noise or automatically fix image distortions caused by the camera lens. The program also has content-aware scaling, which lets you resize images without distorting them. You can also use masks to remove unwanted objects from backgrounds.

The software includes several templates. The templates add watermarks, or you can create your own watermark using the illustration tools. Under the Print tab, you can access several print templates as well. The software includes a history log, so you can undo any unwanted changes.

Help & Support

CyberLink offers strong support options. With the support forums, video tutorials and user guides, you can learn how to effectively use the software and address any issues that arise. In addition, the software has in-application support that you can access anytime. If you need further help, you can contact technical support via email or phone. However, you must purchase a support package to get telephone support.

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra is an effective photo editing program with a wide variety of photo editing tools. However, its small selection of illustration tools and lack of vector tools limit the types of graphic designs you can create.