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Pros / This service does not charge extra fees, such as activation or cancellation fees.

Cons / Premium feature options are limited.

 Verdict / LifeWatch USA offers competitive fees for its service; however, it does not offer much in premium features. If you want voice extension or CO monitoring, another service might be a better choice.

LifeWatch USA fall detection comes with the standard neck pendant and base unit. The neck pendant is small and can be worn around your neck during all your daily activities. The base station connects to a monitoring station through your landline.

The pendant has fall detection technology, which monitors your daily movements. These sensors are designed so that they do not mistake the tilting of the device for a fall. However, a false alarm may occur if you accidentally bang the device against a hard surface, for example, if you knock it against the counter while you are doing dishes, an alarm may sound and you will have to tell the agent at that monitoring station that you are OK.

The base station has a battery life of 18 hours, one of the shortest of those we tested; though, 18 hours should outlast any power outage, with the average power average in the United States being only a few hours long. The pendant alerts the base station of an emergency as long as it is within range.

In our tests, the pendants accurately communicated with the base station at a maximum of 305 feet in our open-field test. In our indoor tests, the pendant ranged up to 160 feet. Both of these distances are on the low end of the ranges we tested.

LifeWatch USA does not charge activation, cancelation or equipment delivery fees. It offers different payment options and allows you to select a monthly payment plan – an option few fall detection services offer.

The customer service provided by LifeWatch USA was below average. Our reviewers contacted the company multiple times. At times, the agents tried to upsell products, while other times we requested calls back but never heard from the company and had to follow up ourselves. In addition to contacting support over the phone, you can reach the company via email.

LifeWatch USA website lists multiple add-on features on its website; however, when we followed up with the company, we found that not all of the listed items are available. The only options provided are mobile GPS, cellular base and a lockbox. If you want other features, such as a voice extender or fire and smoke monitoring, a different company may be a better selection.

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LifeWatch USA provides average fall detection service and is an excellent choice if low rates and fees are a priority for you. It might not be the best choice, however, if premium options are important features on your list.

LifeWatch USA Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Range & Battery Life

Listed Range (feet)
Maximum Tested Range (feet)
Indoor Tested Range (feet)
Base Station Battery Backup

Premium Features

Mobile GPS
Cellular Base
Voice Extender
Wall-mounted Button
CO Monitoring
Fire & Smoke

Help & Support

Support Score
Live Chat
Phone Support

Monitoring Services

Fall Detection Score
Languages Supported
Check-In Service
Self-Testing Unit
Remote Phone Answering

Contracts & Fees

No Cancellation Fee
No Activation Fee
Monthly Payment Plan Options
Free Equipment Delivery