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Pros / The backup battery for this fall detection system is long lasting, ensuring you'll be protected in an emergency.

Cons / Monitoring service is only available in one language.

 Verdict / SafeGuardian provides reliable fall detection service with a wide selection of add-on features available and a powerful battery life.

SafeGuardian provides medical alert systems with fall detection that come with a pendant and a base unit. The base unit connects to the monitoring station through your landline and alerts help in the event of an emergency. The monitoring station with this company only supports one language, so it may not be a good option if you do not speak English.

With the fall detection system, you can request a self-testing unit or check-in service, where an agent periodically checks in with you to ensure your system is working properly. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your system will work in an emergency. You can also use your base unit for remote phone answering, using the microphone and speaker to talk. 

The pendant's fall detection technology detects falls and alerts the monitoring station as long as it is within range of the base unit. In our tests, the devices had a maximum reach of 550 feet and an indoor range of 160 feet. While the maximum range is on the high end of the units we tested, the indoor range is lower than average. The backup battery life of the base unit was exceptionally long – 30 hours. This means you will still be covered in a power outage.

SafeGuardian is very competitive with its fees. This company does not charge an activation fee for its fall alert system, nor does it charge a cancelation fee. When you order a medical alert system with fall detection, you have the option of obtaining a monthly plan, something not all medical alert companies offer.

SafeGuardian has reliable and knowledgeable help and support. When our reviewers contacted the company, representatives listened to our questions and answered them. However, some representatives did try to upsell or push products during our conversations.

This company offers a wide selection of premium features. For a fee, you can add mobile GPS, a cellular base unit, a lockbox, a wall-mounted button, CO monitoring, and fire and smoke monitoring. The only item missing from SafeGuardian's wheelhouse is the option to add a voice extender to your fall alert system.

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SafeGuardian is a good choice in fall detection technology. It has a long-lasting backup battery and a wide selection of premium features for you to choose from.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Range & Battery Life

Listed Range (feet)
Maximum Tested Range (feet)
Indoor Tested Range (feet)
Base Station Battery Backup

Premium Features

Mobile GPS
Cellular Base
Voice Extender
Wall-mounted Button
CO Monitoring
Fire & Smoke

Help & Support

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Live Chat
Phone Support

Monitoring Services

Fall Detection Score
Languages Supported
Check-In Service
Self-Testing Unit
Remote Phone Answering

Contracts & Fees

No Cancellation Fee
No Activation Fee
Monthly Payment Plan Options
Free Equipment Delivery