The FORA TN’G Voice stands out as one of the few glucometers on the market that reads your glucose levels out loud. This may seem like an insignificant feature for some, but a high number of diabetics suffer from vision problems. As such, the FORA TN'G Voice is our pick for the best blood glucose meter for people with poor eyesight. Not only is it easy to use when you can't see well, or at all, but its test strips are also among the most affordable. This glucometer comes with Bluetooth, which syncs your data to the iFORA app for exceptional data management.

The TN'G Voice received a C grade in our small-scale accuracy test. Our test wasn’t as big, controlled or stringent as the ones the FDA requires all glucometers pass before they can be sold to the public. But we still wanted to gauge how consistent each glucometer is in a small-scale comparison, as accuracy is critical when measuring your glucose levels. Also, it's reasonable to assume that if all glucometers are as accurate as the FDA suggests, they should read similar glucose levels on the same sample of blood.

To grade accuracy, I used each glucose meter to test my blood multiple times a day and averaged the readings during each testing session. I used this average and the FDA’s requirements to create an acceptable range that went from 15-percent below the average to 15 percent above it, then I marked any readings that fell outside of this range. Overall, after three weeks of testing, the FORA TN'G Voice was average. It produced some readings that were outside the range, but it was generally within it – though it consistently read lower than the average. It’s important to note that the FDA measures accuracy based on a maximum 15% deviation from the true glucose level, which we didn’t test.

As the name suggest, FORA TN’G Voice’s standout feature is its voice system that reads your glucose levels out loud and guides you through its features. With nearly 50 percent of diabetics suffering from some degree of vision loss, a voice-guidance system can be essential. In addition, it has a high-contrast display that’s easy to read in all types of lighting.

One downside to the voice guidance is that every reading starts with "Thank for using ForaCare products." While this is pleasant to hear when you first use the meter, it can get annoying very quickly. It feels like unnecessary brand reinforcement and adds time between when you insert a test strip and when you can test your blood.

The FORA TN'G Voice's test strips received a B+ for cost – each one costs about 40 cents, on average. This makes them some of the most affordable available. While the strips failed a few times when I tested with the FORA Test N'GO, which uses the same ones, they never caused error messages with the TN'G Voice. They certainly aren’t as affordable as the TRUE METRIX AIR strips, which cost about 22 cents each, but they cost considerably less than those used by big-brand meters like Accu-Chek Aviva and OneTouch Verio, both of which average over $1 per strip.

However, the FORA test strips aren’t widely available, though this is only a downside if you wait until you are completely out to restock. Test strips for FORA’s older glucometers are more widely available, but we could only find those for the Test N'Go and TN'G Voice on Amazon and the manufacturer's website. This means you need to be vigilant about ordering well before you run out – you can’t simply run into your local CVS or Walgreens to buy refills.

The FORA TN’G Voice comes with Bluetooth and can sync your data to the iFORA app for easy data management. The app is well designed and among the best we tested. However, the meter has just one navigation button to access readings and settings, which makes it difficult to learn to use. Pairing the Bluetooth to my smartphone was not easy. It took far longer than it should have, even after reviewing the instructions in the user manual. Once paired, it syncs your data automatically, and you don’t have to go through the pairing process again.

You won’t find many glucometers that can read your levels to you like the FORA TN’G Voice, which is helpful if you have vision problems. This, combined with its Bluetooth compatibility and app, makes it one of the best glucometers on the market. That said, you need to be vigilant about ordering your test strips in advance, as distribution is limited to just a few online stores.

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