Pros / The 24/7 monitoring response center supports 200 languages, far more than comparable companies.

Cons / It has one of the lowest standby battery times.

 Verdict / Medical Guardian's Mobile Guardian is a reliable mobile medical alert system with an easy-to-use charging cradle and light-up emergency button.

Medical Guardian offers a GPS medical alert unit, Mobile Guardian, for individuals who travel outside the home and want the security of having a means to call for help if they need it. This unit, which uses the AT&T network, has a 24-hour battery life, which is on the low end for comparable medical alert systems with GPS capabilities and means it needs to be charged every day. The battery life varies according to the signal strength in your area, as regions with weak cellular signals drain the battery more quickly than regions with a strong signal.

When you press the Emergency button, which is located on the front of the unit, the call goes to Medical Guardian's 24/7 monitoring response center. The monitoring center supports approximately 200 languages, which is the most in our review. You will want to notify Medical Guardian of any language needs when you sign up for the service. However, beyond a 24/7 monitoring center with over 200 languages supported, the company's monitoring services are few. You don't have access to a web portal or a caregiver app. You can't get text messages to notify you when the device’s battery is running low.

When you call the monitoring center, the unit transmits your GPS location, so the response center representative knows where you are in case you need help sent to you but cannot convey your location. In addition, the monitoring-center representative can contact emergency services or your emergency contacts, depending on your emergency.

The Mobile Guardian comes with a charging cradle; all you need to do to charge the unit is to drop it into the cradle at the end of each day. This is a common option among comparable GPS medical alert system companies, as it is easier for sight-impaired individuals or those with arthritic hands to place it in a cradle rather than connect it with an AC charger.

Medical Guardian does not charge an activation fee or shipping and handling charges. It also offers several payment plans, including one plan that can help you save money if you pay for an entire year upfront. It costs $39.95 a month if you choose the monthly plan and if you pay by the quarter. If you pay by the year, it costs $36.62 a month. While it's not the most expensive service in our review, it's on the high end of costs.

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  • Optimal Standby Battery Life
  • Battery Effectiveness
  • Usage Effectiveness
  • Supported Languages
  1. This is the optimal standby battery life for the GPS unit in hours.
    More is better.
  2. 4  Medical Guardian
    24.0 Hours
  3. 96.0 Hours
  4. 48.0 Hours
  5. 120.0 Hours
  6. Category Average
    61.33 Hours


Mobile Guardian is a great GPS medical alert system from Medical Guardian. Although you don't have options for premium plans or monitoring-service features, such as a web portal or a monitoring app, the company doesn't charge activation or shipping fees, and it offers support for the highest number of languages among GPS medical alerts we reviewed. If you are looking for a reliable system, Mobile Guardian is a great option.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Equipment Pricing

Equipment Cost (If Applicable)
Coverage Provider
GPS Unit Sold Separately

Equipment Design

Usage Effectiveness
Battery Effectiveness
Optimal Standby Battery Life
24 Hours
Tested Battery Life Lasts 24 Hours
Charging Pad or Cradle
Emergency Pendant
Fall Detection
Two-Way Communication
Water Resistant
Volume Control
Lockbox Available
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
Thickness (inches)

Monitoring Services

24/7 Monitoring Center Response
Multiple Languages Supported
Text Message or Email Alerts
Caregiver App
Web Portal
Direct Calls to 911
Premium Plans Available

Contracts & Fees

Monthly Basic Plan Pricing (Monthly Plan)
Monthly Basic Plan Pricing (Quarterly Plan)
Monthly Basic Plan Pricing (Annual Plan)
Activation Fee
No Fee
No Cancellation Fee
Free Shipping & Handling

Help & Support

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