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Pros / The Medical Guardian base unit advertises the largest range out of any comparable medical alert system without an additional range extender.

Cons / Medical Guardian doesn't offer as many premium package upgrades as some other comparable services.

 Verdict / With no long-term contracts or activation and cancellation fees, Medical Guardian provides a reliable medical alert system to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Medical Guardian's medical alert systems offer a nice range of technological features for its equipment. You can choose a typical in-home system, a mobile system with GPS or a system that automatically detects falls in case you fall and can't help yourself. The company's basic unit, the Classic Guardian, has the largest call button to base station range out of comparable services. These equipment features, combined with a well-trained medical-alert monitoring center staff, earn Medical Guardian our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for the best medical alert systems.

Medical Guardian’s Classic Guardian costs about $30 per month, which is typical for a basic medical alert system. Bay Alarm Medical is the only service to offer a cheaper base package ($27.95). However, the medical alert service offers multiple payment options that can lower the monthly price. The best value is the yearly payment option, which is about $330. This lowers the monthly cost by a few dollars each month. The Premium Guardian, which doesn’t rely on a landline and includes cellular GPS, costs about $50 a month or around $550 a year if you make the yearly payment.

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  • Listed Range
  • Base Station Battery Backup
  1. The optimal distance a user can be from the console for the pendant to work.
    More is better.
  2. 1  Medical Guardian
    1300.0 Feet
  3. 1000.0 Feet
  4. 1000.0 Feet
  5. Category Average
    711.11 Feet

Range & Battery Life

This medical monitoring service offers the Classic Guardian in its basic equipment package. This base station comes with a button you can wear around your neck and another you can wear on your wrist. This equipment has a specified range of 1,300 feet, which is the widest range out of comparable medical alert systems. However, it reached an impressive 2,000 feet in our outdoor tests. And while the indoor tests wasn't as impressive with a range of 450 feet, it was still the longest range in those tests. By comparison, Rescue Alert had the second longest range with an outdoor range of 1,710 feet and an indoor range of 600 feet.

Medical Guardian is also one of the few systems to offer a wall-mounted button option as an add-on, which can extend the range of the base system further. However, the range varies depending on the type of house you live in. The Classic Guardian base console has a battery life of up to 32 hours, which is enough time to cover common blackouts. This battery life means that you and your loved one are still able to reach help during emergencies such as power outages.

Medical Guardian is one of several medical alert services we reviewed that offers a cellular base station. Many people have ditched landlines in favor of cell phones, so a cellular option means you don't have to get a landline if you don't already have one.


Monitoring Services

All staff members who work in Medical Guardian's medical-alert monitoring centers are 911 certified. This quality means they are qualified to handle emergency medical calls and to call for an ambulance. They also have the ability to interact with local fire and police departments if you push the medical alert button because of a home invasion or fire.

The Medical Guardian staff has access to the personal medical information you provide to the company when you initiate the service. This information can be invaluable in certain emergencies if you or a loved one is incapacitated or unable to speak. The company has a list of your preferred doctors and hospitals as well as a contact list of family and trusted friends, so that everyone you need to have contacted in an emergency will be in the loop as soon as possible.

To service a broader audience, Medical Guardian offers a full version of its website and services in both Spanish and English. If you need a language services for you or your loved one, Medical Alert service can answer emergency calls to its call center in 200 different languages. You can rest assured that you or your loved one will get quick and proper medical attention without having to worry that the monitoring center understands your needs.

Contracts & Fees

Like most other medical alert services we reviewed, you don't have to agree to a long-term contract. However, there are different payment option plans, including an annual payment plan that can save you money in the long run. Additionally, the company offers free equipment delivery, and it charges no activation or cancellation fees. The lack of fees mean you can cancel whenever you or your loved one no longer needs the system due to a change in living situation.

Additional Packages & Accessories

Medical Guardian offers many hardware package options. However, it doesn't offer a carbon monoxide and smoke monitoring premium package upgrade with separate smoke and CO detectors, like a few other comparable services offer. The console does have the ability to detect extreme temperatures; in the case of a fire or other situation with extreme and unsafe heat, the emergency button contacts dispatchers as needed.

You can also choose a premium package upgrade that incorporates fall-detection technology. This system sends for help automatically after detecting a fall, in case you or your loved one is injured and can't signal for help on your own. Another hardware option is the Mobile Guardian for individuals who travel often outside the home well out of range of the medical alert system base station.

Help & Support

Medical Guardian's support gives customers access to Medical Guardian staff via telephone and email. However, the best and most efficient way to receive technical and customer support is with the live chat service on the company's website, which is an option not offered by many comparable services. Additionally, the site provides a FAQs section and an informative blog, so you can get quick answers to simple questions.


Medical Guardian's medical alert system offers long-range consoles and pendants along with its services. The company doesn't have the option of smoke or carbon monoxide monitoring, but its console has one of the longest optimal ranges to support large houses or individuals who often work outside around their home. The Medical Guardian support staff is trained to handle many common emergencies, giving you thorough protection and reassurance that you or your family member is taken care of.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Contracts & Fees

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