If you are eligible for Medicare or you are a current Medicare recipient, you may be looking to add prescription drug coverage to your Medicare benefits. You can do so by either purchasing a Medicare Part D Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a private insurance company with a longstanding history of providing quality coverage at affordable rates. Blue Cross Blue Shield continues that legacy by offering comprehensive prescription drug coverage for all Medicare recipients.

When shopping for prescription drug coverage, it is easy to get confused with all the information each insurance company provides. Blue Cross Blue Shield does a great job of providing all the necessary information in a manner that is easy to understand. They offer two types of Part D Plans: a Blue Shield Medicare Basic Plan and a Blue Shield Medicare Enhanced Plan. Both plans help cover your prescription drug costs with only slight differences in cost. The Blue Shield Medicare Enhanced Plan has a low monthly premium and offers affordable copayments and coinsurance amounts. The Blue Shield Medicare Enhanced Plan has a higher monthly plan premium, but offers no deductible and a more comprehensive list of covered drugs than that of the Basic Plan. To help you find the right policy for you, Blue Cross Blue Shield can provide detailed plan information based on the personal information that you provide. Be aware that not all plans are available in all areas.

As with any Medicare Part D Plan, not all medications may be covered. For a complete list of covered medications, you should contact Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is also important to know that medications received from an out-of-network pharmacy may cost more. To learn more, you should visit resources like and Medicare Interactive.

When visiting the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, you can search and compare plans offered in your area and even add a list of your current prescriptions to receive a more accurate price quote for specific plans. It is important to understand the plans provided through this search tool are quotes only and some restrictions, limitations and copayments may apply. The benefit information provided to you through the search option is a brief summary only, not a complete list of benefits. You can contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield Company for more information or you download additional plan details online. If you decide that a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Part D Plan is right for you, you can enroll online.

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