Medicare Interactive is a website sponsored by that serves as an information center for all things Medicare, with information regarding Medicare Part D, Advantage and Supplement Plans. Similar to the California Health Advocates, this is one of the most comprehensive Medicare answer sites found online and it offers important information that is easy to read and easy to understand. When considering a Medicare Part D Plan, Medicare Interactive suggests the first step you should take is to make a list of your current medications. This list will help save you time when comparing Medicare Part D Plans. If you want to continue to receive your regular health benefits through Medicare, a stand-alone prescription drug plan may be the right choice. If you choose to purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan, prescription drug coverage is included and a stand-alone plan is not necessary.

Medicare Interactive is a useful tool if you are considering all Medicare options. It provides a list of FAQs and simple answers. The site has additional links to the Medicare and social security websites if you need more information. On the home page for the Medicare Interactive website, you can search the table of contents tab to find specific information you need to choose a Part D Plan. It also has an overview of information that includes everything from what Medicare Part D Plans are and what they cover, to suggestions on how to fill the gaps in your prescription drug coverage. Under the table of contents section, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan and even directions on how to ask for an exception from your Part D Plan provider.

Be sure to remember that Medicare Interactive is not an insurance company and cannot provide you with coverage or enroll you in a Medicare Part D Plan. Medicare Interactive is an informational resource and should be used to help you make the right decisions about your Medicare coverage. The Medicare Interactive site is maintained by the Medicare Rights Center and is not affiliated with a private insurance company. If you are eligible for Medicare or a Medicare recipient looking to add or change coverage, Medicare Interactive is a useful tool that can help answer any questions you have before you purchase additional prescription drug coverage.

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