If you are eligible for Medicare or currently receiving Medicare benefits, you may be looking for prescription drug coverage as well. Medicare Parts A and B do not provide coverage of prescription drugs. As a result, your options for prescription drug coverage include purchasing either a Medicare Part D Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan. When visiting the Medicare website, you can search for Part D Plans that are available through Medicare. This website allows you to first provide your search criteria and prescription drug information before browsing applicable plans. You can update your search results by choosing any one of the filters to the left of the results page to further refine your search. Once you are provided with your final search results, you will notice that the plans are organized by lowest estimated cost. This is helpful if you are looking for the most affordable plan.

Similar to the California Health Advocates and the Medicare Interactive, the website provides easy-to-understand search results with symbols indicating plans that received a 5-star rating or offer nationwide coverage. There are a number of Part D Plans to choose from, each with neatly organized information outlining the estimated costs, monthly premium, copay and deductibles, as well as the star rating assigned by Medicare.

Commercial insurance companies that have contracted with Medicare offer these plans to provide Medicare recipients with the prescription drug coverage they need. You may choose to investigate individual plans further by selecting the plan name or checking the box to the left of the name. Medicare will redirect you to the website of your chosen company where you can find useful information to answer all your Medicare Part D questions.

Keep in mind that the estimated annual cost is only a quote. Your costs may be different depending on your Medicare Part B premium, if you receive additional financial help and your current prescriptions. If you decide to enroll in one of the provided plans, you can do so directly on the website. In order to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan, you must be eligible for or receiving Medicare benefits and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.