United American Insurance Company has contracted with Medicare to provide Medicare recipients affordable prescription drug coverage. You may be eligible for one of the United American Part D Plans if you are a Medicare recipient. Like most commercial insurance companies providing Medicare Part D coverage, there are three main types of Part D Plans to choose from through United American. These include the Essential Plan, the Select Plan and the Enhanced Plan. Each plan provides prescription drug coverage but have a few varying differences. The Essential Plan provides basic prescription drug coverage for the most essential brand-name drugs. The Select Plan offers a low premium similar to the Essential Plan but also provides low copays. The Enhanced Plan provides the most comprehensive prescription drug coverage offered by United American. This plan has the broadest dug coverage with a low deductible. The Enhanced Plan costs more than both the Essential and Select Plans; however, it offers the widest range of drug coverage.

If you visit the United American website, you can view a full comparison of plans based on your state of residency. Not all types of Medicare Part D Plans are available in all areas. The results page is not very easy to understand and you may find you have questions about the offered plans. The prescription drug coverage is separated into tiers and depending on the plan, you will have to pay either a copay amount or a coinsurance percentage. When looking for an explanation of what prescription drugs are covered under your selected plan, the only information the website provides is that some of them are covered, which doesn’t help plan for out-of-pocket expenses.

United American does have a disclaimer that the information provided through your plan search is only a brief summary and to get an accurate outline of coverage and eligibility, you must contact the plan. As with all commercial insurance Part D Plans there are limitations, restrictions and copays that may apply and increase your premium. Additionally, the plan network, coverage and out-of-pocket expenses are subject to change from year to year. For more information, review resources like the Medicare Interactive or visit the website.

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