WellCare is a Medicare-approved, Part D Plan provider that provides stand-alone prescription drug coverage for Medicare recipients. WellCare’s main focus is on government-sponsored programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. They offer a full list of Medicare approved plans to meet the needs of all recipients.

The WellCare website is organized and easy to navigate. It allows you to view plans, drug lists and participating pharmacies before you enroll. You can compare plans through an easy-to-understand summary. If you choose to investigate plans further, the site redirects you to a new webpage that asks for specific information to narrow your search results. After providing your zip code and a list of your current medications, the search results will include only the applicable plans available in your area.

Some of the highlights of WellCare Part D Plans are low monthly premiums, no deductible and no copay for preferred generic drugs. WellCare also has more than 60,000 in-network pharmacies and offers nationwide coverage. As with most Medicare Part D Plans, the drug coverage is separated into tiers and depending on the plan, you pay either by copay or coinsurance. In order to receive your prescriptions at the predetermined plan rate, you must fill your prescriptions at an in-network pharmacy.

If you find a WellCare Part D Plan that is right for you and would like to enroll, you can do so directly on the WellCare website. Before completing enrollment, the site will ask you to read a statement of understanding, which can be a useful tool in helping you understand how the selected plan works. It outlines some of the more complicated information in one easy-to-read list.

It is important to remember that WellCare Part D Plans are not available in all areas. If you are receiving Part D Coverage through WellCare and move out of your area, you may lose your coverage. WellCare Part D Plans are for prescription drugs only and do not provide health insurance. In order to be eligible to enroll in a WellCare Part D Plan, you must be eligible for or receiving Medicare benefits. You must also continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium to remain eligible for WellCare Part D coverage. Your enrollment in WellCare may affect other employment or union health coverage. To learn more, check our resources like and Medicare Interactive.

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