Pros / This scooter is easy to transport; you simply fold it up and place it in your car.

Cons / Golden Technologies does not offer a warranty on the scooter’s battery.

 Verdict / This scooter is easy to maneuver and assemble, but its performance is conservative compared to the other models in our review.

The BuzzAround Lite 3 Wheel performs well as an indoor scooter. Between its low maximum speed, tight turning capabilities and light weight, you can maneuver indoors with ease. While you can use this scooter outdoors, it has a low ground clearance and short operating range that limit where and how far you can go.

Because this scooter is lightweight, it can only handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds, which is the same weight limit as the Zip'r 3 Xtra. This limits both who can ride the scooter and how many additional items they can carry on it. The BuzzAround Lite has a short operating range in comparison to the other scooters we reviewed, like the Shoprider Sunrunner, which has a range of 25 miles. You can only drive it for 8 miles on a single charge. It is easy to recharge the batteries, and it takes 12 hours or less for them to charge.

This scooter operates both indoors and outdoors, buts its capabilities and design make it better suited for indoor use. The scooter has a 31-inch turning radius, so you can make tight turns around corners and furniture. It only weighs 95 pounds and has foam-filled tires that cause minimal damage to flooring. Additionally, the scooter peaks at 4 mph, so you can safely drive it inside.

The scooter has a low ground clearance, sitting only 2 inches off the ground. You can use it outdoors, but it performs best on flat surfaces. Uneven terrain may cause damage. The manufacturer recommends using the scooter on inclines of 6 degrees or less, which limits the types of ramps this scooter can climb.

This mobility scooter is well-designed. It has a deep-cushioned stadium seat, an adjustable tiller and adjustable armrests, so you can customize the scooter to your body type and ride in comfort. When not in use or during transportation, you can fold the scooter’s different components to save space. Its light weight also makes it easy to transport this medical scooter.

Golden Technologies provides a good warranty on the frame, drive train and electronic components. The frame has a lifetime warranty, while the drive train and electronic components are covered for two years. The company does not offer a warranty on the battery.

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  • Weight Capacity
  • Maximum Speed
  • Operating Range
  1. This refers to how much weight the power scooter can safely carry.
  2. 8  BuzzAround Lite 3 Wheel
    250.0 Pounds
  3. 300.0 Pounds
  4. 2  Luggie
    250.0 Pounds
  5. 300.0 Pounds
  6. Category Average
    276.11 Pounds


With its low maximum speed, superior maneuverability and light weight, this scooter performs well indoors. While you can use it outdoors, the low ground clearance limits the terrain you can drive on, and the 8 mile operating range limits the distance you can travel. Additionally, this scooter struggles to climb steep inclines. If you are looking for a scooter to use inside or on short errands, the BuzzAround Lite is a good option.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Frame Warranty
Drive Train Warranty
2 Years
Electronics Warranty
2 Years
Battery Warranty


Weight Capacity (pounds)
Maximum Speed (mph)
Operating Range (miles)
Average Battery Charge Time (hours)
Less than 12
Electromagnetic Brakes


Number of Wheels
Tire Type
Assembled Weight (pounds)
Turning Radius (inches)
Ground Clearance (inches)
Maximum Recommended Incline (degrees)
Freewheel Mode Available


Number of Components
Heaviest Component Weight (pounds)
Battery Weight (pounds)
Seat Type
Deep Cushioned Stadium Style
Handle Type
Cup Holder
Adjustable Tiller
Adjustable Armrests
Online Parts Available