Pros / This scooter easily expands and collapses for easy storage and transporting.

Cons / It can only carry passengers weighing up to 250 pounds.

 Verdict / The Luggie is a very good choice for traveling or light use but not for shopping or other everyday tasks because of its low weight limit and compact design.

The Luggie is a unique entry in our power scooter review. It is a one-piece folding scooter that is extremely portable and convenient. It travels for a above-average distance on a single charge, has an acceptable maximum speed and maneuvers better than other power scooters. This is why the Luggie is our pick for the power scooter with the best maneuverability.

  • Weight Capacity
  • Maximum Speed
  • Operating Range
  1. This refers to how much weight the power scooter can safely carry.
  2. 2  Luggie
    250.0 Pounds
  3. 300.0 Pounds
  4. 300.0 Pounds
  5. Category Average
    276.11 Pounds


Much like the Buzzaround XL and the Go-Go Ultra X, the Luggie has a maximum speed of 4 mph; you can make turns comfortably at this pace. This scooter does great outdoors and can go up to 12 miles on one charge. That’s pretty good compared to some scooters we reviewed that can only travel 7 to 10 miles on a full charge. The battery only takes between two and six hours to recharge, which is the fastest advertised charging time of the scooters in our review.

The Luggie’s performance falls short with its light carrying capacity. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds, limiting who can use it. Additionally, it does not have a basket or other storage option, although you can purchase one separately. If you like to travel light, then the limited weight capacity and lack of a basket aren’t a problem; however, if you're used to carrying a lot, this is something to consider.


With four wheels, the Luggie is compact and portable without sacrificing stability and durability. It’s also extremely nimble. It boasts a 36-inch turning radius, so you can turn almost any corner. It also has rear anti-tip wheels that provide extra protection against falling over in the middle of a sharp turn. While it isn’t the fastest mobility scooter on the market, it can get you where you need to go safely and relatively quickly.

The portable scooter has a decent ground clearance, so you can drive over uneven surfaces. However, the scooter operates optimally on flat surfaces. The Luggie can climb a maximum incline of 6 degrees. With ADA compliant commercial ramps built at 5 degree angles, you can safely drive up most ramps.


The Luggie’s primary selling point is convenience. It comes assembled out of the box, so there’s no need to memorize which piece goes where. You can just take it out of the box, pull a couple of levers, extend its frame, flip a switch and you’re ready to roll. Assembled, the scooter only weighs 50 pounds, making it an ideal electric scooter for elderly people.

This scooter folds up into several configurations. There is the riding position where the seat and handlebar are upright, as well as a partially collapsed position that allows you to pull the scooter like a piece of rolling luggage. Lastly, there’s the fully collapsed cube, which you can use to easily store, stow and transport the electric scooter. If you put your scooter in the trunk of your car or check it as luggage on an airplane often, there’s simply no better scooter for you. This is truly its most useful feature.

While the scooter’s compact size makes it easy to transport, you lose comfort for that portability. The scooter has a stadium-style seat with very little cushion support, and it features a standard handle, which requires more upper-body strength and hand dexterity to operate than a delta tiller. The Luggie’s lack of support can detract from the overall riding experience. Additionally, the scooter does not have adjustable arm rests, so you cannot customize them to fit your body type.


Luggie backs the scooter’s frame with a three-year warranty. The drive train and electronic components have a one-year warranty, and the battery is covered for six months. The scooter has comparable warranty coverage to the other scooters we reviewed.


The Luggie power scooter is a great companion if you're an adventuresome soul that doesn't like to be slowed down. Even with some of its drawbacks, such as a light carrying capacity and lack of a basket and other amenities, it's the best power scooter to transport and travel with because of its versatile and lightweight design. You can take it along on every trip, whether you are visiting family nearby to going on a vacation in a faraway destination.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Frame Warranty
3 Years
Drive Train Warranty
1 Year
Electronics Warranty
1 Year
Battery Warranty
6 Months


Weight Capacity (pounds)
Maximum Speed (mph)
Operating Range (miles)
Average Battery Charge Time (hours)
2 to 6
Electromagnetic Brakes


Number of Wheels
Tire Type
Assembled Weight (pounds)
Turning Radius (inches)
Ground Clearance (inches)
Maximum Recommended Incline (degrees)
Freewheel Mode Available


Number of Components
Heaviest Component Weight (pounds)
Battery Weight (pounds)
Seat Type
Stadium Style
Handle Type
Cup Holder
Adjustable Tiller
Adjustable Armrests
Online Parts Available