Pros / offers an excellent fitness component, with online videos that isolate specific muscle groups.

Cons / The lack of a mobile app means you can't track your progress on the go.

 Verdict / This is one of the best online diet plans because it provides the community support, diet resources and fitness expertise you need to make lasting lifestyle changes. is a valuable resource for dieters and anyone seeking to establish a healthy new lifestyle. This online diet plan earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award because, unlike some commercial diet plans, it gives you effective tools and resources to help you implement lasting lifestyle changes, not just reach a short-term weight loss goal.

The website offers rich diet management tools, extensive fitness tracking, and multiple diet plans designed for a wide range of lifestyles and preferences. Additionally, it boasts one of the best online weight loss communities we came across. A solid support system plays a vital role in permanent weight loss, and this site's community resources can provide the encouragement and motivation you need to reach your goals and maintain a healthy weight. Visit Site

Diet & Fitness offers 16 different meal plans. Each one satisfies a calorie quota and caters to specific dietary needs or preferences. For instance, you may opt for the 1,200-calorie, nut-free meal plan if you have allergies, or the 1,500-calorie vegetarian plan if you don't eat meat. The website also offers a basic, healthy diet plan if you don't have any dietary restrictions. If you aren't sure which food plan is right for you, makes it simple with its preliminary diet quiz. By gathering some basic information about your body, lifestyle and food preferences, the service identifies the best plan for you.

The service provides a vast collection of diet management tools to help you stick to the diet you've chosen, as well as implement healthier eating habits. For your convenience, each meal plan includes a detailed weekly menu, with suggested items for daily meals and snacks. If you prefer to create your own menus, you can find inspiration in the website's recipe section. It offers hundreds of healthy recipes that you can browse by cuisine, meal type, nutrition information or popularity among members. You can also tag any of your favorite recipes you come across. It is up to you to prepare for the grocery store, though. There is not an easy way to generate a shopping list with the diet tools.

Although diet management is arguably the most important component of online diet services, it isn't the only one; exercise and physical activity are vital too. Thus, the best diet programs, including, incorporate fitness tracking into their overall diet plans. Expending more calories than you ingest is a fundamental principle of effective weight loss, and this service provides multiple tools to help you incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. has exercise plans that cater to your comfort level. There are preset programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced plans. In case you aren't sure where to start when it comes to working out, makes it easy with a proprietary workout builder. You simply select which muscle groups you want to isolate and choose different exercises that target that area. Every exercise on the site includes a video that shows you exactly how to execute it. Once you create multiple workouts that target different areas of your body, you can rotate through them for full-body conditioning.

To give you professional insights, has a special blog section with articles from certified fitness experts and personal trainers. These include complex articles that explain the mechanics of workouts as well as fun, motivational topics, like which songs are the best to work out to. The database is vast. There are usually two or three articles added every week and hundreds of pages in the archives.

Tracking Capabilities

Tracking features are essential in order to know how you are progressing in the diet program. One of the most important tools this plan provides is a food log. Keeping track of what you eat is crucial to your weight loss success. The log allows you to record your daily food and nutrition intake; you can input your own food items or choose from the site's database of more than 6,000 food items.

Most online diet services provide some kind of food tracker, but a few small features make's stand out. First, you can record the time of day you eat each item. This information can help you establish consistency and healthy eating patterns. Second, you can save specific items or meals that you frequently eat for quick input later.

The online diet site also provides both a fitness tracker and a weight tracker. The fitness tracker enables you to track your daily physical activity. You select from an assortment of predefined exercises, including strength training, sports and housework, and then key in the duration of the activity. Using the information you input, the website automatically calculates how many calories you burned during that specific activity and tallies the total you burn each day. You can't add your own custom exercises, but the site's preset exercises are generic enough to include a comprehensive range of activities.


This online diet program doesn't have an app, which is a drawback when you're on the go. For now, though, you can access your account from any mobile web browser. If you would prefer a diet service that does provide an app, you might want to consider Weight Watchers.

The weight tracker is essentially a daily weigh-in tool. You insert your weight every day so you can track your progress as you work toward your goal weight. You won't know whether your diet is succeeding if you don't meticulously track your weight.

When it comes to the interface, is relatively simple to use. A static navigation bar at the top of each page makes it easy to navigate between your diet, fitness and community tools. When you log in to your account, the custom homepage offers a quick snapshot of your progress, including your current weight, how many calories you've burned for the week, and the day's planned meals. In fact, offers so many tools and resources that beginners may initially find the website a little overwhelming and busy. You'll simply need to spend some time learning your way around the website and finding the best tools that work for you.

Help & Support provides a number of additional service features that can bolster your weight loss efforts. Dozens of educational articles can help you learn more about effective weight loss. In case you still have questions, there is a FAQs page and an email address.

One great feature of is its robust message board. If you have a specific question, there is a good chance it has been answered by the community. The message boards have an effective search engine at the top of the page.

Our biggest complaint about this site is the lack of support available directly from the company. There is no way to reach out by phone, so do not expect immediate answers to any question. Some competing services make it much easier to find an answer from someone who works for the company.


With its strong emphasis on community support and an exemplary balance between diet and exercise, earns a spot among the best diet plans for losing weight. The website isn't without a few minor drawbacks – there is no shopping list tool, phone app or telephone customer support – but beneficial features such as dietitian consults, detailed meal planning and comprehensive tracking tools make this diet plan impressive. Whether you need to lose a drastic amount of weight or just want to form healthier lifestyle habits, is an effective and valuable resource to help you reach your goals. Visit Site

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