Pros / FitFusion offers a number of specific workout videos, such as short-term shred programs, that are not on many of the other sites we reviewed.

Cons / This online fitness service does not offer any personalization options, meaning you have to come up with your own workout routine and schedule.

 Verdict / FitFusion requires you to be self-sustaining and self-motivated, but you will find numerous exercise videos with this service.

FitFusion is an online exercise program that lacks many of the services other companies offer, but it makes up for this somewhat with numerous workout categories and exercise videos. This online fitness service doesn't offer a specific program for you to follow or direct contact with a personal trainer, so you have to find videos that work for you and come up with your own routine and schedule. The company does have healthy recipe videos you can watch to supplement your workouts with a good diet. Unlike Daily Burn, you don't get a companion app with this service, but the website works on mobile devices.

FitFusion has a number of different workout categories that you can sort through to find exercises that work best for you. As with every other fitness program, you can find exercises to help you lose weight and build muscle strength. However, this online fitness services also includes a few programs that many of the other fitness services we reviewed do not. FitFusion has one-week shred workouts, which are designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely but aren't specifically geared toward a special event, such as a wedding. The company offers many exercises for pregnant women, and it even has workouts designed around each trimester. You can find both yoga and Pilates classes with this service as well.

The service does not rate exercises by difficulty, meaning you may have trouble finding exercises that aren't too easy or too difficult for you. FitFusion also lacks any programs designed specifically for seniors. However, the program includes one workout for brides-to-be called Buff Brides with Sue Fleming. More videos in this category would be preferable to give you the ability to choose what works best for you, but this is a useful option nonetheless.

If customer support is what is most important to you, you should avoid FitFusion. In order to find the contact page, you have to go to the Customer Support Center Page, then scroll down till you find the support hyperlinks that are scattered throughout the text on the page. Once you do this, a text box appears in which you can select the type of support you need and send your message. Although you receive an automated message immediately that states your request has been received and you will receive an answer from the support staff, don't hold your breath. We found that your message is likely to go unanswered. There is a contact number on the FitFusion website, but it isn’t a support contact number.

The company does offer a blog, which has articles even on topics such as workout playlists and sportswear fashion. As with other online fitness services, canceling is as simple as pressing a few buttons, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with a contract.

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FitFusion doesn't offer any sort of service-designed routine, so you have to find videos that work for you and come up with your own schedule or routine. While some people prefer this, it's nice for a fitness program to give you the option of its own predesigned routine to eliminate the guesswork. The service has numerous exercise videos for you to watch, so there's more than a decent chance that you'll find a great workout for you. However, the company has the worst customer support out of all the services we reviewed, so if communication with the service is important to you, FitFusion is not the online workout program for you.

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