We researched 10 different back massagers for a total of 40 hours to determine which are easiest to travel with and provide the most relaxing massages. The PADO Pure Wave CM7 is our favorite overall because it is incredibly versatile, works cordlessly and is easy to travel with. You can reach your back using this massager without needing anyone else's help. It has various intensity levels and comes with six different heads to help you work different muscles.

If you're more interested in finding the best value back massager, you should consider the Nayoya Ball Rollers. These handheld devices come in pairs and are the least expensive massagers we evaluated. The rollers can work a variety of muscles, including your shoulders, back, calves, glutes, deltoids and more. You can place as much or as little pressure on these massagers to give your muscles the workout they need. Their small size makes them easy to travel with, and since they don't use electricity you can use them anywhere. To get the most out of them, you will need someone to help you get the muscles you cannot reach.

Many back massagers require another person to work, which might not always fit with your daily routine. The Body Back Buddy is the best self-massager that truly reaches all areas of your back. The "S" design coupled with the various nubs helps you reach tricky areas without the need for someone else’s help. Since it doesn't require batteries or electricity, you can use it as long as you want and wherever you want. It also comes with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Back and neck massagers are very relaxing and help you release stress. Chair massagers and handheld massagers can also help you calm down after a long day. Massage Envy outlines eight benefits of getting regular massages. These include both physical and emotional advantages like easing the symptoms of illness and improving flexibility and mood.

Back Massagers: What to Look For

Massagers feature a number of different design elements that each provide specific forms of relief. Consider the following factors before you decide which is the best back massager for your needs.

Best for Technique

Best for Technique: Brookstone

Each massager provides comfort by using a specific method. Shiatsu is a pressure-based technique that kneads your muscles and is most beneficial for long-term stress. Vibrating massagers gently loosen your muscles by means of a noninvasive buzzing action, which makes them ideal for soothing sore and sensitive areas. A massager can combine vibration with shiatsu for a different experience. Some massagers, like the Brookstone Shiatsu Massager, can also feature heat to be more soothing.

Best for Area Coverage

Best for Area Coverage: Comfort Products

Some massagers are made specifically for your back and do not work elsewhere. There are versatile massagers that can work on several different muscle groups individually. You can also get full-body massagers that you lie on or drape over a chair, like the Comfort Products 10-Motor Massager. When it comes down to it, the best massagers can cover a wide range, whether that means the majority of your back and neck or various muscle groups around your body.

Best for Size & Weight

Best for Size & Weight: Nayoya

The size of massager you should get depends on whether you want to take your massager with you when you travel or go to work. If you travel a lot consider getting a massager that is small and light enough to pack in a suitcase or duffle bag. Full-body models can typically fold up for easier transport. Some massagers fit in your backpack, purse or luggage, like the Nayoya Roller Balls. Size and weight also help determine how easy a massager is to use. Lighter models can be better because they reduce the strain of holding and moving them.

Most Versatile

Most Versatile: PADO

Life throws different stresses your way from day to day. You experience a variety of aches and pains, so a massager with variable modes helps you to cope with new or repetitive stress. Some massagers are designed for specific muscle groups or general areas. Massagers like the PADO Pure Wave CM7 come with six heads to work various muscle groups in different ways. The ability to switch between various modes or programs can keep your routine fresh and enjoyable. Intensity controls let you adjust from low to high, which helps you find just the right amount of pressure

Neck and back massagers let you soothe tight muscles, which increases the overall quality of your life. They're available any time of day to help you cope with some of your greatest sources of stress.