The 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat from Comfort Products goes beyond regular back massager performance to work your entire body. It features a high degree of customization.

This cushion back massager includes 10 separate motors that apply soothing vibration to your thighs and lower, middle and upper back. The unit doesn't deliver penetrating, shiatsu-based massage, which kneads muscles for deeper relief. But it does provide added heat, which serves to open up circulation to the muscle groups getting massaged, making them more flexible and less likely to receive strain. The heat settings work even if you aren't running the massage motors, so you can enjoy a simple warm place to relax on a cold day. If you want a deep tissue device, you might want to consider the Brookstone Shiatsu back massager.

This back massager can lay flat on your bed or the floor so you can enjoy a massage before you go to sleep or if you find sitting to be awkward or painful. The folding sections let you place the massager on a chair, although this model doesn't include a strap to secure it to the back, so you either have to stay still or provide a securement for yourself. It weighs only 3.5 pounds for easy transport and setup.

The unit isn't cordless, which means that you have to use it close to an outlet or hook it to an extension cord. If you set it up in a swivel chair, make sure not to turn too much to either side or you risk tangling the cord and damaging the unit. It does come with a DC adapter, so you can set the cushion up in your car to keep you relaxed during your commute or long road trips.

The back massager features a faux suede cover to provide a soft exterior. You can clean it with a damp rag. Its padded cushions improve the comfort of some chairs even without using the powered features. An integrated memory foam pillow provides support for your neck and head.

This back massager includes programmable controls so you can set the massage to run only for a specified length of time. You can also set the intensity of each individual motor to work on whichever areas are giving you the greatest pain. The control is light so you can use it in the dark, and it stows away in a side pocket so you don't have to hold it once you set the massage level. The controller features an interactive display that tells you which motors are operating and at what setting.

The 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion with Heat features programmable routines to let you adjust your massage. While it does lack a securement strap, it is easy to take with you wherever you go.

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