The King Authentic Foam Roller is available in two colors, comes with a carrying case and has one of the best guarantees we've ever seen. It is lightweight and compact and comes with three different surface patterns to help you get different massages when you need them. However, if you aren't looking for a deep tissue massage or don't particularly like lying on the floor, this might not be the back massager for you.

Foam rollers are popular muscle massaging tools among workout enthusiasts and muscle rehabilitation patients alike. On the surface, the King Authentic Foam Roller doesn’t look like it can do much. That's because unlike the other back massagers in this comparison, it uses you own bodyweight to apply pressure to various muscle groups. Despite what it looks like, this back massager is very firm and can support a lot of weight. Simply put the foam roller on the ground and roll a specific muscle group – like your upper back, lower back, hips or calves – over the roller's bumps to relieve pain and increase flexibility. You can choose between getting a black or an orange foam roller. For added convenience, the carrying bag it comes with has a strap so you can sling it over your shoulder and carry it easier.

While this firm foam roller works well to relieve sore muscles and rehabilitate injuries, it is not for everyone. If you have muscle pains or injuries that make getting on and off the floor difficult, you might want to consider a different massage tool like the motorized Brookstone Shiatsu. If you have no problem lying on the floor and want to increase blood flow while getting a good deep tissue massage, this foam roller is a good option.

The foam roller is 13 inches long and 5 inches in diameter, which means it is easy to store and easy to travel with. This product was designed for repeated, heavy use. The amazing lifetime guarantee states that if there is a problem with your product, King Authentic will not only send you a new one but will also give you a full refund. Talk about having faith in a product.

The King Authentic Foam Roller has one of the best guarantees in the market. The three different patterns allow you to apply varying levels of pressure on your muscles by using your own body weight. It's compact size and accompanying bag make it easy to take on trips or store when not in use.

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