The Hammacher Schlemmer Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad lets you lie down while you enjoy a massage. This cushion back massager features multiple options for a variety of experiences.

The massager lays flat so you can experience a relaxing session before bed or any time when you're not feeling well enough to sit up. It bends at four joints, which lets it fit over a variety of seats and other furniture. This unit has two hook-and-loop straps to keep it secured to a chair or seat. It doesn't feature a headrest, but it makes up for this by being able to incline over a pillow. It weighs only 7.5 pounds and can roll up, which makes it convenient to carry and store.

This cushion back massager has 20 individual 2-inch-thick soft foam cells to provide a comfortable feeling. In addition to the standard vibration mode, this pad functions as a shiatsu back massager by offering kneading motions, as well as comforting rolling pressure and three other modes. It can work on your thighs, lumbar region, upper back and neck to target your most sensitive or sore areas. You can set the massager for a unique experience with the included remote. Each mode is preset, so you can't set the pad to a custom routine; each preset performs the same massage for every session. The remote is tethered to the unit to keep it close at hand even if you let go of it.

This back massager can go with you to the office so you can enjoy stress relief as you work. It can fit inside a suitcase, letting you enjoy comfort while you're away from home. The unit is corded and doesn't have a battery-operated mode. This keeps you restricted to an area near an outlet or means that you have to use an extension cord if you need to be farther out. It doesn't include a DC adapter either, which would let you plug it into a car lighter. This pad does not feature a heating option, which would help increase blood flow to your muscles. If you do want a heated back massage, you might want to consider the Brookstone Shiatsu massager.

The Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad would benefit from a battery-operated mode for more portable use. However, its programmable features and easy storage make it an attractive model.

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