The Maxi-Rub Body Massager is a heavy-duty back massager designed to provide stress relief. It's a large model with a powerful motor.

This back massager features two easy-grip handles that help prevent slips. The handles each accommodate a single hand and are off-center, which means that you can't use the unit one-handed. The motor and pad are located straight past the grips, so you aren't able to reach your own back with it. It's possible to use the massager on either of your legs, but if you want a back or full-body massage, you'll need to find a partner who can do it for you.

The back massager has a broad, flat pad to treat a large area at once. Its pad is solid, so if you want a more comfortable touch, make sure to wear a shirt. Alternatively, you can purchase a faux fur cover from Maxi-Rub that makes the surface softer for use on bare skin. This model has a 1-amp motor that delivers heavy-duty vibrations. Because the Body Massager weighs 8 pounds, you can use its weight and yours to increase the pressure for a deeper, more vigorous massage. It also features variable intensity from 2,800 to 3,500 rpm.

While it includes a powerful vibration feature, this back massager lacks any other functionality. It does not include shiatsu-like kneading action to penetrate deeply into muscles or rolling motions to work out knots. It also lacks a heating mode, which would be useful for making muscles more pliable and less likely to suffer strain. However, the vibration mode is powerful, especially considering it covers such a large area. It would be useful in a clinical setting, where a therapist could use it for muscle stimulation and to increase circulation quickly. That also would allow the therapist to reduce strain on hands and to fill a session with more time for deep-tissue work.

This back massager has an electrical cord, which keeps it confined to an area near an outlet. Its cord is 10 feet long to allow for enough mobility to move it over the recipient's back. You can increase its range of motion by purchasing an extension cord. If you don't want to deal with cords, you might want to consider the battery operated PADO Pure Wave CM 7. Maxi-Rub advertises it as maintenance-free, and it back up its claims with a one-year warranty. This sort of construction and coverage is ideal for a massage therapy office.

The Maxi-Rub Body Massager is very powerful, but it lacks controls many people might find useful. Its size, price and features make it best suited for a clinic or similar professional setting.

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