The PADO Pure Wave CM7 allows you to massage various areas of your body at varying levels of firmness. It is lightweight and works cordlessly so you can use it wherever you want. The battery life lasts a few hours to give you a thorough massage.

Each of the six different rubber heads has a different level of firmness to help you relax various areas of your body at a setting that suits you. The air-cushion head feels similar to a tennis ball, so it can firmly yet softly massage areas of your body. The Point Stick head allows you to put more pressure in specific areas of your body, like getting an acupressure massage. The six-head stick allows you to press six vibrating surfaces against your body to get a deep tissue massage perfect for sports injuries or relieving leg pain for people with diabetes.

The Body Massage Oil Stick helps you rub ointments and oils into your skin without getting your hands messy. The Scalp Massage Stick is a smooth rubber head designed for skin contact on areas like the scalp, neck and back. The final massage head is the Facial Massage Stick, which attaches at the opposite end of the of device to give your face a gentle massage.

One of the best aspects of this device is you can use it wherever you want. There is no cord to restrict your movement or keep you near an outlet. The inner battery is rechargeable, comes with a charger and lasts for 180 minutes, which means you can use it for long periods before recharging. The battery is soldered into the device and you cannot remove it without voiding the one-year warranty. Should the battery die, you can pay PADO to replace it. The Pure Wave CM7 only weighs 1.75 pounds so it won't wear out your arms when you use it. If you'd prefer a back massager that doesn't require a battery or an outlet, you might want to consider the Body Back Buddy.

With the ability to switch out massage heads to properly massage different parts of your body, the PADO Pure Wave CM7 is perfect for getting not only your back but all areas of your body. It’s cordless so you can take it on trips or use it around the house without being glued to an outlet. The only downside is that the warranty only lasts one year.

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