The Luraco iRobotics7 massage chair offers many advanced features to deliver powerful, relaxing massages. It comes with several extra gadgets that you won't see on other massage chairs. These extras make it easier and more convenient to use. This chair can also accommodate more people since it has a higher-than-average user height and weight limit. To top it all off, this chair has an impressive warranty that will help you obtain more peace of mind.

The iRobotics7 has many impressive features that you won't find anywhere else. The controller is a touchscreen designed to emulate the look and feel of an iPhone, which makes the chair easier to use. If you want to be hands free, you can use the human voice response to vocally control your massage session. The chair runs on an operating system, meaning it is basically a computer complete with an MP3 player and built-in speakers. You can download music directly to the chair and listen to your favorites while getting massaged. This advanced chair also features health monitoring equipment for measuring heart rate and blood pressure. If you'd prefer a simpler massage chair, you might be interested in the Relaxonchair MK-II.

When it comes to the standard features found in high-end massage chairs, the iRobotics7 has them all. Body scanning technology, coupled with 3D massages, zero gravity massages, reclining, full body stretching, nine programmed massages and limitless manual functions help you find the pressure and routines that fit you best. The speed and intensity can be changed between five different levels to further customize sessions. There are five user memory settings so you can save your favorite settings and repeat them without fumbling around with the remote.

Unlike other massage chairs that are covered in faux-leather this chair is covered in real leather to enhance the user experience. Most chairs only offer heating in the lower back, while this chair also heats your feet and seat in addition to your back. There are 100 airbags and 12 powerful motors in use during a massage session. They run from your sides down to your feet and calves. Moving mechanical parts can get noisy and distract from a relaxing session, which is why the iRobotics7 uses noise reduction technology so you can more thoroughly enjoy your massage without a noisy distraction. This also means it will be easier to watch TV or read a book while you sit. Luraco backs this product with a three-year labor warranty and a five-year parts warranty, which is above average for this expensive of a massage chair.

The Luraco iRobotics7 has won some awards for its performance. including the Best of CES 2017 Award. It is UL listed as well as being listed as a medical device with the FDA. Professional research and testing has even proven that a session on the iRobotics7 lowers stress, heartrate and blood pressure.

If you are a taller individual, this is one of the best massage chairs on the market. The maximum user height is 6 feet, 7 inches while the maximum weight is 300 pounds. With such a high weight tolerance, this is one of the sturdiest chairs on the market.

The Luraco iRobotics7 goes above and beyond to provide customizable massages for a wide range of body types. The body scanning tech and user memory slots help you find the perfect pressure for your needs. Extra perks like the built-in speakers, MP3 player and human voice response all work to make the chair more convenient to use. Since the maximum height and weight are higher than with most other chairs, it is also one of the best options for taller people. With all of these high-end features, it's not surprising that this chair also comes with a fantastic warranty.

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