The Medical Breakthrough 8 is crafted to fit your specific needs and is designed to be used for medical purposes. It offers many basic and advanced massaging techniques as well as a few extra features to both heal your body and make your relaxing sessions more enjoyable. Whether you need to convalesce or simply want to reduce stress, this chair is a good choice.

Each chair is built to order. The company takes your specific weight, height and foot measurements and sends you a chair that fits your body type. If you have specific needs, the company can customize the chair for you. Customization costs extra, but it can be very beneficial for people with special medical situations. For example, if you had back surgery, which makes sitting in a chair uncomfortable, the company can add tailor-made pads to make the chair easier for you to use.

This chair uses a full body scan to help adjust rollers to your spine's specifications. It features 167 airbags to gently caress and soothe your muscles and joints. Full body stretches, heated massages, 3D massage technology and zero gravity massages are all features offered by this chair. The hip twist and body twist function is a great way to work stiff parts of your body and can even help with your body's range of motion, blood circulation and healing process.

This chair even has a zero-gravity sleep system designed to help you fall asleep by reclining and using airbags to gently relax your body. In addition to the massage features, this chair has a built-in MP3 player and comes with headphones. The chair is designed to insulate and lessen the noise of the motor so you can have a quiet massage.

As a side note, the website mentions repeatedly that this chair will help you fall asleep while getting a massage. But if you read the warnings in the user manual, it states that you shouldn’t fall asleep in the chair. We asked the company if it is safe to sleep in the Medical Breakthrough 8 and were told it is OK to do so.

Since this chair was designed as a medical device and not just for recreational use, it is designed to work for eight hours at a time. Many other massage chairs have limits to how long they can run, often capping around 30 minutes per session. If you're wanting to heal sore muscles and get long massages, you might want to consider purchasing this chair. The warranty covers the chair for three years, so if there is a problem within that time a technician will be sent to fix it.

When the chair first arrives, you will definitely want someone to help you assemble and move it. If you want, you can pay for white glove delivery and have the movers bring it indoors and assemble it for you. The price for white glove delivery increases if there are stairs involved. This is the heaviest massage chair that we evaluated, weighing 434 pounds. If you would prefer a chair that is easier to move around, you might want to consider the Kahuna. There are castor wheels on the backside to help make it more mobile. You might want to consider placing some kind of mat or carpeting underneath this chair to protect your floor from scuffing.

The footrest is adjustable, allowing a maximum user height of 6 feet 5 inches, and the chair itself can handle a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. Just as a heads-up, the manual does state the that warranty will be voided for users who weigh over 300 pounds. The maximum shoe size for the footrest is 11 in men's. If you have a larger foot size, you might want to consider the Medical Breakthrough 8 Plus, which has an open footrest to accommodate any shoe size.

The Medical Breakthrough 8 is a sturdy, powerful machine designed to help people recover from stiff muscles, increase mobility and relieve muscle pain. Since each chair is built to your body's specifications and can even be customized after it is built, you are more likely to acquire a chair that helps your specific needs. The capabilities of this chair are vast, and it can help you find the perfect pressure for your needs.

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