The Panasonic EP-MAJ7K can help you achieve a comfortable massage with its highly customizable massage sessions. You can use several different massage techniques, adjust the pressure of the rollers and fully stretch your body. It also comes with an above-average warranty. The only downside is that this massage chair doesn't offer zero gravity massages.

This Panasonic shaver features most of your basic high-end options like heating, full body massages and reclining, and it includes several other advanced features. It uses body scanning technology to detect your shape and then adjust the massage rollers to your dimensions. This can be especially helpful for taller or shorter users who can never seem to find a massage chair that fits their bodies. In addition to rollers, this chair uses airbags to massage and relax you. You can adjust the speed and intensity of your massage using the control panel. To soften the effect of the rollers the chair comes with a removable comfort cushion, which is basically a pad that zips onto the top of the chair and covers the backrest.

This Panasonic massage chair also features 3D massage technology, which means the rollers can move right, left, backward, forward, up and down to give you a more life-like massage. This chair uses Junetsu massage to target and loosen muscles using circular pressure. The advanced stretch capabilities of this chair allow you to stretch out your back, neck, legs, hips and chest by applying gentle pressure on your body. The footrest houses rollers and airbags to work your feet thoroughly. Oddly enough, this chair doesn't offer zero gravity massages, which is surprising since that feature is common for chairs in this price-range. If you want a massage chair that offers zero gravity massages, consider the Luraco iRobotics 7.

There are nine programmed massages: Swedish, deep, shiatsu, stretch, neck/shoulder, upper back, lower back/hip, core and quick. If you don't like a specific section of a programmed massage you can press the skip button, or if you really liked it you can press the repeat button. There are also buttons that help the chair focus on specific parts of your body, which is nice for easing sore muscles. You can use both the auto and manual buttons to create and save up to three massage courses tailored to different needs. This chair makes beeping noises when you press buttons on the control panel, which can get annoying fast. Fortunately, you can adjust the noise level or turn the sounds off entirely.

This chair weighs 191.8 pounds. To make it easier to move, there is a finger groove on the backside to help lift it as well as caster wheels on the bottom to help roll it around. The maximum user weight for this chair is 264.3 pounds, the manufacturer does warn that users weighing 220.3 pounds or more will likely hear more operational noise and the chair's fabric might wear out faster. It comes with a fantastic five-year warranty, covering both parts and labor.

The Panasonic EP-MAJ7K is a powerful massage chair that offers some of the best customizable features. The control panel is well designed and allows you to focus on specific parts of the body or create your own massage. It also offers one of the best warranties we have seen for a high-end massage chair. It doesn't offer zero gravity massages, but if that isn't a problem for you then this is a great chair to choose.

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