The Real Relax Favor-03 gives you the most bang for your buck. In addition to being an inexpensive massage chair, it offers a wide range of top-grade massages and it’s made of soil-resistant fabric. It also features a stellar warranty. If you want a more intense massage but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this might be the chair for you.

This chair not only gives full body shiatsu massages and heated massages – it also gives zero gravity massages, which promote a feeling of weightlessness. Airbags, nodes and vibration apply various amounts of pressure across the body to achieve these results. The back and feet are worked by nodes while the arms, hips and calves are worked with airbags. For added convenience, you can choose to have your waist heated at the press of a button. You can also fully recline the massage chair to get a more restful experience. Most other chairs with these features cost thousands of dollars, so this chair is definitely impressive for the price. The one thing that would improve this chair would be having body scanning technology, which scans your body to determine where to place massaging components and gives a customized massage. Even still, the features found on this chair are phenomenal.

You can purchase this chair in black or brown. It is covered in soil-resistant faux leather and the cushions are made of a padded foam material to make each session comfy. There is a pocket on the right side of the chair to hold the remote so you don’t have to. This chair’s weight limit is 440 pounds, which means it can hold more weight than many other chairs. In its standard position the height limit is 6 feet. Fortunately, the legs can be extended to accommodate taller users. This chair weighs more than 100 pounds, so it’s nice that there are wheels on the backside to help make moving it easier.

The manufacturer warranty lasts three years, which is generous for massage chairs in this price range. The chair does require assembly upon arrival. Most people report taking 15-30 minutes to put it all together. Unfortunately, the seller does not offer assembly services so you will need to do this yourself. If you'd prefer to purchase a chair from a company that offers assembly services, consider the Relaxonchair MK-II.

The Real Relax Favor-03 offers intense massages at a low cost. Machines with zero gravity, heat and full body massages typically cost much more. The three-year warranty lasts longer than many other chairs in this price range and the cover material makes it easy to clean. All in all, this is an amazing chair for both recreational and more intense massages.

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