The Relaxonchair MK-II is a diverse massage chair with a respectable warranty. It offers several different massage options to help relax the body and ease sore spots. Its sturdiness and durability also make it great for a wide range of users.

This massage chair uses an L-track system to provide full body massages from your shoulders down to your buttocks. The leg rest also massages and lifts your calves and feet. Using nodes, airbags and the reclining capability, this chair works and stretches your shoulders, back, hips and thighs. You can choose between four automatic massages: deep tissue, relax, rejuvenate or stretching. While getting your massage, you can adjust the speed and intensity between three different settings. You can also choose to heat your lower back during a massage session.

The Relaxonchair features three advanced massage features: full body scanning, zero gravity massages and full body stretching. A chair with full body scanning uses sensors to measure the length of your spine and then gives you a customized massage. The zero gravity option can also be found in the Luraco. This reclines the chair so your feet are level with your heart. Nodes and airbags then work your body to create a relaxing sense of weightlessness. The full body stretch option is typically only found in more expensive models. It uses airbags to hold your body in place and then reclines to gently stretch out your back and legs to improve circulation and flexibility.

This chair comes in a gray or brown color. The seats themselves are covered in a soft synthetic leather, which helps make the massaging experience more pleasant. The chair weighs 183 pounds, which means it is sturdy but also difficult to move. Fortunately, wheels located on the backside make moving the chair a little easier.

The control panel sits on a pole attached to the chair's left side. This design makes it so the controls are always in one place so you don't have to fumble around looking for them. The warranty lasts three years, which is standard for massage chairs in this price range. The foot rest has extendable leg adjustments to better fit taller users. That being said, the manufacturer's height limit is 6 feet, 5 inches and the weight limit is 300 pounds, which makes this one of the sturdiest chairs we've seen.

The company offers free curbside delivery. You simply need to make a delivery appointment and then sign for the chair when it is delivered. The Relaxonchair arrives in two parts; the foot rest will need to be attached to the main chair. The company does offer white glove delivery at additional cost, if you want someone to assemble it for you.

The Relaxonchair MK-II is built to accommodate a wide range of body types with its body scanning technology, high weight limit and adjustable foot extensions. You can receive a wide variety of massages, such as zero gravity and stretching, with the ability to adjust the speed and intensity. On top of those features, it comes with a respectable three-year warranty. All in all, this is a great purchase for anyone wanting to get a relaxing massage for a variety of body types.

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