A high-tier model, the OSIM uPhoria Warm is versatile, with eight preprogrammed massages and five different actions. Unfortunately, it is large and bulky, so isn't ideal for small spaces and isn't very portable. This model carries a high price tag, but it does offer a range of features.

Measuring 25.6 x 20.5 x 19.8 inches, the OSIM uPhoria Warm foot and calf massager is large, making it difficult to store and transport. It does, however, have a carry handle in an attempt to make transport easier. The large size also means that it's not terribly discreet, so it isn't a good option for stowing beneath your office desk. To increase comfort and ensure you retain good posture, the leg support is adjustable.

This high-end foot and leg massager offers five different massage actions. It has a tui na massage function, which is a type of Chinese manipulation therapy that is a deep muscle massage. The kneading massage is designed to combat muscle aches and stress, helping to alleviate pain and increase circulation with the application of light pressure. The roller massage acts on the soles of your feet, giving a reflexology action. This model also has a vibrating action to relieve muscle stress and improve circulation with a light, gentle massage suitable for sensitive legs and feet. The heat option can be used with any of the other massage action. It's also not a foot spa though, so it lacks any water features included on units like the Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa.

The OSIM uPhoria Warm has eight different programs. The "high heels" program provides targeted relief for the calves, balls and arches. For general use, the toning program stimulates blood flow and relaxes muscles in the legs and feet. The "energize" program is short, brisk and intense, but can be painful. For a light massage and gentle relaxation, the "sleep" program is delicate. The reflexology program targets key pressure points. For a deeper general massage, the "relax" program helps to relieve deep-seated muscle pain and tension. "Sports recovery" targets the muscles most frequently used during sporting activities. If your legs are very sensitive, the "senior" program is a good choice, with gentle action, heat and vibration. The sheer number of buttons, options and functions can make the foot massager challenging to use, however.

With a very high price point, the OSIM uPhoria Warm foot and calf massager is a costly investment. The Human Touch Reflex Pro is similar and costs much less. It does, however, offer an array of preset programs and massage functions. While this means that there's bound to be a preset option that meets your needs, this machine is comparatively complicated to operate. Additionally, while the sheer number of options means the OSIM offers value, although it's unlikely that you'll use all the available functions.

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