The HoMedics Percussion Pro Handheld Massager uses both pressure and heat to relieve tension. This unit comes with two sets of changeable heads, so you can customize your experience based on your specific needs.

This handheld back massager works with both high- and low-pressure sessions. The heads pivot and rapidly strike the surface of the skin. When you need a gentle touch, you can install the soft head on the striking pad. You can adjust the impact speed to one of the softer settings and enjoy a lighter touch or general relaxation. The harder heads provide less give than the massager's soft heads. These harder attachments and higher-impact settings turn the unit into a targeted therapeutic aid, which impacts deeper muscle groups in all sorts of situations.

The unit's changeable heads twist off and install in seconds. The dark gray heads perform softer massages, while the light gray heads attach to the HoMedics massager for firmer impacts.

Beyond the changeable heads, this handheld massager comes with dual pressure settings that give you even more control over the experience. Sometimes, a high-pressure massage offers the relief you need to get on with your day. Other situations call for a softer approach. The high-speed setting generates up to 3,100 beats per minute, and you can slide the speed switch as needed. The massager even allows you to change your settings while the device runs, so you can alter the feel as you use it on a target area.

Because this handheld massager generates so much percussive power, you need a firm grip on the device for optimal performance. That's why it includes an ergonomic handle to keep you in control, regardless of the speed setting. This HoMedics massager also lets you add heat to the experience. The heat button can be pressed anytime the unit runs, so you can add and omit heat as needed.

This back and body massager requires a corded connection for power. It uses a polarized plug, and it does not come with wireless settings. Corded performance allows the HoMedics Percussion Pro to perform with higher power, but it also limits the placement of the device. If you'd prefer to buy a massager that can work cordlessly, you might want to consider the Brookstone.

The HoMedics Percussion Pro gives you several ways to customize your experience. The unit requires a corded connection for power, but it includes high-speed settings for deeper relief. The heat settings, changeable heads and overall power make this handheld massager a powerful option for both therapeutic massages and general relaxation.

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