The Kikkerland AR18-A Handheld Scalp Massager serves as a unique alternative to powered massagers. This unit does not come with a battery or cord. Instead, it relies on a clever design to stimulate the scalp and relax the nerves.

This handheld massager does not provide any heat or vibration. It does not require a battery pack or power connection. The unit doesn't even come with additional accessories. Instead, this massager creates a unique sensation across the surface of your scalp with nothing more than the motion of a hand. It measures about 9.5 inches in length, and the legs of the unit expand to fit heads of all sizes. The whole process relies on a simple design, and you can see exactly how it works when you take it out of the box. If you would prefer a motorized massager, you might want to consider the HoMedics or the Prospera.

Designed as a scalp massager, the AR18-A uses thin metal legs, each capped with a small nub, to give a targeted pressure sensation across the surface of your skin. You can hold the handle of the device over your head with the legs pointed down, and the legs create a gentle pressure as they drag across your skin. You can complete this same process from many angles, addressing the face as well as the back of the head with the same simple actions. It even works with arms and legs. The massage process is intuitive, and it functions silently.

The AR18-A massager effectively creates a unique surface sensation that can relax your nerves without any accessories. This unique sensation may increase blood flow, and it can reach every part of your scalp. It does not, however, work for deeper muscle groups.

The legs of the massager rely on their flexibility to stimulate your scalp. They flex under mild pressure, retracting back into place as you pull the unit away from your skin. The whole design relies on the flexibility of these legs, but the flexibility comes at a cost. The legs are too thin to withstand much pressure and could warp out from the desired position. Though it has a creative design, this Kikkerland massager provides limited value when you need a relaxing massage.

The lack of accessories makes the Kikkerland AR18-A Handheld Scalp Massager an unlikely option for those who need extra attention on specific areas of the body, and the specific design makes it more of a novelty than a therapeutic tool. It is an unusual low-range relaxation tool that specifically addresses the surface of the scalp.

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