The Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp is ideal in a home or office setting due to its compact design and built-in table stand. It delivers powerful light levels that you can use in most light therapy sessions, and it is covered by an impressive warranty. It features a lightweight construction that you can use indoors, but it does not include many advanced features.

This sun lamp relies on powerful LED lights to produce the equivalent of 10,000 lux white light without producing UV rays. LED bulbs last longer than other bulbs types, use less energy and are more durable. LED technology also keeps the Amjo Sun Bright unit cool during long sessions, so you can set it in place for longer periods without creating hazardous working conditions.

The arrangement of the lights also affects overall performance. This sun lamp arranges the LED lights in a pattern that focuses the light rays effectively. The unit's light design also limits the number of individual components inside. Sun lamps often use circuit boards to control LED layouts, but this Amjo lamp simplifies the process to ensure consistent performance from one unit to the next.

The lamp measures about 9 inches in length, and the unit weighs less than 3 pounds. The size and weight of the device allow for easy transport, but you must plug it in for a light therapy session. It is a relatively expensive therapy lamp but it’s also covered by a 10-year warranty, which is one of the best we've seen. Only the Sunlight Jr. has a stronger warranty.

The Amjo Sun BRIGHT Sun Lamp does not come with a visible clock, timer or adjustable intensity settings. You will need to move the lamp closer or farther away to adjust intensity and turn the machine off when your session is done.

The simplicity of this sun lamp doesn't hinder its performance. You can run this LED-powered lamp while you read the morning newspaper or when you first arrive at the office without taking up a lot of space on your table or desk. The full 10,000 lux lights provide enough power for most light therapy programs, and the lack of individual features does not diminish the overall effect.

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